Monday, November 11, 2019

Sierra Leone Cabinet Reshuffle Placed Unnecessary Strain On An Already Exhausted Wage Bill-CGG

By Marcella Samba-Sesay,  Exec. Director Marcella Samba Campaign for Good Governance (CGG) is seriously concerned about the unnecessary strain the cabinet reshuffle will cause on the countrys already bloated public service wage bill and the economy; especially at a time when ordinary Sierra Leoneans are grappling to cope with a crippling economy. On 7th November, a release from the Office of the President announced changes in President Bios cabinet, which saw the rotation and replacements of ministers and deputies as well as the creation of new ministerial and deputy ministerial portfolios. Of particular concern in this current reshuffle is the …continue reading

Sierra Leone Government Cabinet Reshuffle Defies Economic Realities

November 9, 2019 By Hon. Chernor Maju Bah (MP)   On theThursday, November 7th, 2019, President Bio shocked the nation with a cabinet reshuffle that comes across to many as insensitive and needless. One of his cardinal campaign messages was that, within one year, his government will turn around the economy which he described as ‘battered and the worse in Sierra Leone’s history’. President Bio (Photo), persistently accused the erstwhile APC government of running a bloated cabinet and wastage. But almost two years on, Sierra Leoneans have experienced economic hardship never before seen. Inflation has only hyper galloped with prices of …continue reading

An Open Letter To Chapter Presidenrs

  Saturday, November 2, 2019 AN OPEN LETTER TO APC CHAPTER PRESIDENTS Dear Chapter Presidents BY AROLYN I. KOROMA – PUBLISHED: 11/02/2019 – SECTION: INTERNATIONAL NEWS, NATIONAL NEWS On behalf of The Bai Bureh Times and the Wusum Times Online Newspapers based in the United States, we are writing you this letter for two-fold purpose s. Primarily to laise with all Diaspora Satellites (Britain, Ireland, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Gambiia, ect) and their respective Chapter Presidents and memberships. This letter is regarding the current Secretariat’s financial need of about five thousand dollars ($5000). and subsiquent requeats from APC-USA, and probably other …continue reading

Is it true that The APC USA Branch was created by the APC Secretariat in Freetown in order to become a family farm for the APC Secretariat in Freetown?

  VOICE OF PEACE HOLY PAGE OF SACRED COWS. By Umaru Jalloh Is it true that The APC USA Branch was created by the APC Secretariat in Freetown in order to become a family farm for the APC Secretariat in Freetown? Anyone who feels hungry for cash at the Secretariat in Freetown will just pick up the phone and cry to Unisa Kanu for help. APC Members in the Diaspora have seen the APC Secretariat in Freetown becoming hungry for money every now and then, and demanding from the various APC chapters in the Diaspora for contributions, while the Secretariat …continue reading

Political Loyalty Must Be A Two-Way

October 21,, 2019 By Arolyn Koroma We are deeply indebted to the Minnesota Chapter membersip for taking time out of the Diaspora’s: (London, Germany,, Gambia, Ireland), hypocracy to take the Noble lead in standing up for something that is fairly and rightly Diaspora Satellites’. These are Democracy, Covention/ Elections and the Respect our financial contributions should bring us is not something Diaspora shoul be begging for., we deserve It. We are sure that Minesotta Chapter voiced the unanimous sentiments of Diaspora. We thank Minesotta for there bold contribution to a perplexing issue. The issue of the APC Party Secretariat viewing …continue reading

Open Letter To The Chairman And Leader Of APC Party-Former President Ernest Bai Koroma

September 20, 2019 Abdul Karim Kafoir, NRM Dear Chairman and Leader, over the past few months, following the submission of the draft constitution to the APC Secretariat, the party leadership requested suggestions from the membership to  improve on the draft constitution. We had already stated our dissatisfaction about the exclusion of the mass membership from participating in the constitution-making process — something which has to do with everyone’s future. We are of the firm belief that participatory review of a constitution is a democratic norm. But, sadly, it seems the participation of the mass membership in the review of the …continue reading

International Day of The Girl Child: Girls Right Must Be Protectedd

By Mariama Janet Deen Since 2012, 11th October has been marked as the International Day of the Girl Child, after the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution 66/170 declaring it – a day of commemoration. The International Day of the Girl Child (IDGC) aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges faced by girls all over the world; and promoting girls’ empowerment and the fulfilment of their human rights Nearly 25 years ago, some 30,000 women and men from nearly 200 countries arrived in Beijing, China for the fourth world conference on women, determined to recognize the rights of women and …continue reading

Former Hon. Leonard Logus Koroma, Diaspora Coordinator Is Back In Diaspora Politics Bringing More Problems Than Solutions?

  By Arolyn I. Koroma (Photo: Hon. Leonard Balogun Logus Koroma) Hon. Logos Koroma is endowed with relentless courage, he is industrious and dynamic. He is also a visionary, but above all he has a profound knowledge of diaspora issues. It was these unique attributes that propelled his appointment as Diaspora Coordinator. He dominated the diaspora politics for five painful and treacherous years of his ten years in the Earnest B. Koroma administration. Hon. Logus Koroma was viewed as one who understood Diaspora problems more than any officials and more so, because he was closer to the former president Ernest …continue reading

WAFU Nation’s Cup Sierra Leone Defeat Liberia 1-0

Courtesy of the DailyObserver / Liberia will now play Niger in the plate completion for losers on October 6. (Photo: ESPN Africa) Liberia’s WAFU team will now participate in the Plate completion for losers at the 2019 WAFU Nations Cup, having suffered a 1-0 defeat against Sierra Leone on Monday, September 30 at the Stade Lat Dior in Dakar, Senegal. Sierra Leone held on to their 1-0 lead to progress to the quarterfinals of the Cup competition a day after the game was postponed due to “floodlight failure.” The game, which started on Sunday night, was postponed after 71 minutes …continue reading

Sierra Leone President Dr. Julius Maada Bio’s United Nations Speech, September 26, 2019

: State House: Staff Writer His Excellency President Dr Julius Maada Bio has told the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly that eradicating poverty can only be achieved by developing and improving on a nations’ greatest resource – the people. “Skilled, healthy, and productive human beings are pathways to global success and prosperity. As a nation, we see human capital development as a critical enabler for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. My Government has, therefore, allocated 21% of the national budget to education,” he said, adding that as a consequence the country, in under two years, had seen …continue reading