Friday, May 24, 2019

The Importance and History of the Sierra Leone Bintumani Conferences

By Prof. Joe A  D. Allie & Koroma The Nation of Sierra Leone will go dawn in history as among the top few countries in Africa that does not take its glorious and envied history seriously. Just as how it does not have respect for its past legendary leaders, a parallel attitude is being applied to its culture and traditions. However,  considering the many important neglected issues,  this blog only highlights the current Bintumani Conference May 21 through May 23, 2019, that is organized by the current President Bio’s  rulling government. The Bintumani 3 and Bimtumani 4 are but a …continue reading

The Causes of Lawlessness and it’s Damaging Effects in Sierra Leone

By Ibrahim T jalloh. . Sierra Leone has always been a peaceful country. A country where you can do almost anything without fear, favours or intimidation. This was before the brutal and deadly civil war of the 1990s that lasted for ten horrible years The causes of that deadly civil war are still present today. Ethnocentrism, nepotism, egotism, cronyism, regionalism, corruption, very high youths unemployment and bad governance were the root causes of the civil war. Today about 65% to 70%of the youths and the general population are without jobs. About 65%of the population is made up of uneducated youths …continue reading

No Holy Sacred Cows in Sa. Leone Political Parties New Dispensation

By Umaru Jalloh The Wusum Times Newspaper heard it through the Grave vine that information was floating around the media outlets that some of those intending to run for the position of Chairmanship for APC USA have started knocking the APC Secretariat doors in Freetown, As Sierra Leoneans, the APC Secretariat in Freetown coins the word Selection to fool the Diaspora and in order to describe things that are considered to be among the best of their kind, but they basically use selection to describe things that are considered to be among the worst of their kind. This year’s …continue reading

U. S. Department of State Visa Programs Update

  By AP News Reporter The U.S Department of State has announced the addition of ten more countries to the U.S Visa Waiver Program (VWP). The Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, said that this development is part of series of transformations the program is going through. The ten countries announced saw Argentina and Uruguay rejoining the program after they were removed in 2002 and 2003 respectively. The ten countries are Argentina, Uruguay, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Malaysia, Jamaica, Hong Kong, Seychelles, Cayman Islands and Georgia. When it takes effect, nationals included in the program traveling to the United States, would …continue reading

As the Former President Dr. Ernest B. Koroma’s Security Detail is Rotated Without His Consent

Anonymous May 11, 2019 The fundamental truth that the Bio-led government should know is, this regime will surely come to an end and president Bio will be an ex-president just as Ernest Bai Koroma. Now let’s analyze this ugly and embarrassing situation. Why was the thought for ex-presidents the world over like US, Nigeria and Ghana maintain a security detail? This is obvious, an ex-president is a former Head of State and Commander-in-Chief. The sovereignty of every state is jealously protected from invasion and/or acts threatening its territorial integrity. The principal authority and symbol to ensure peace, stability and growth …continue reading

President Rtd. Maada Bio’s First Cabinet Reshuffle

  May 10, 2019 While away in the US on official assignment, was demoted by President Bio. (Photo: Alie Kabba, left, welcoming his boss President Bio during many of the foreign visits in good old days). He was dumped from the posh Foreign Minister job to an ambassadorial post i.e. as Sierra Leone’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations. Below are the diverse views of two Sierra Leone media gurus: Demotion or Not, President Bio has Made Alie Kabba the Face of Our Nation’s Multi-Lateral Diplomacy By Kabs Kanu It is definitely a demotion. If Vandy Minah, who was only …continue reading

The Successful Launch of the Coalition for Change Party in Maryland, USA

By Ibrahim T. Jalloh May 10-, 2019 Two years ago today a viable , exciting and promising movement was born and it was launched yesterday in the state of Maryland. This was an historic moment of monumental impact in the struggle to bring Sierra Leone to the club of develop nations, political transparency, respect for the rule Of law, human dignity, freedom of the press, respect for the constitution, institute accountability and with a real agenda for prosperity. We have obviously everything we need to develop our country within a short period . This movement is a real respresentive of …continue reading

The Sierra Leone Former President Dr. Ernest B. Koroma Express Concern Over His Personal Safety

  By Umaru Fofana May 9, 2019 Sierra Leone’s former president, Ernest Bai Koroma has rejected the “abrupt transfer and replacement” of his state security detail. This affects personnel stationed at his residence in Freetown, his home town of Makeni and his wife’s home town in Kono, according to his spokesman. In a letter to the Inspector General of Police dated 10 May 2019, Koroma’s Special Assistant, Ismail Mahmud Sheriff says the former president also rejects the proposed guards sent to him because he was not consulted about their vetting nor did he know about their professionalism and discipline. Koroma …continue reading

Sean Samura, Chairman of APC-Canada Eager to Seize Power from APC-USA, Chairman Unisa I. B. Kanu.

May 5, 2019 APC-Canada Chairman Sean Samura is working very hard to usurp power from APC-USA Chairman Unisa I. B. Kanu.  It all started when soft hearted Chairman Unisa Kanu loan his crown to Sean Samura both during the 2018 Election Registration and campaign in Freetown.  Chairman Unisia who doesn’t like the spotlight started running away from his responsibilities while APC-USA Team was on the ground preparing for the pending General Elections. In retrospect, previous Chairmen’s, buoyancy on the ground polarizes APC-USA, which is the largest satellite in Diaspora Branches. Chairman Kanu played hide and seek with his U.S. members …continue reading

Bollore Upgrades Freetown Quay with Ultra Modern Cranes

By Ismail S. Bangura Two Ultra modern Ship to Shore Carnes procured Bollore Transport and Logistics as part of the ongoing modernization of the Freetown quay safely arrived on board a ship from China in the early hours of Wednesday and Berth at the new Terminal. The arrival of the cranes explains progress registered so far in the Port extension works being undertaken by Bollore and to a large extent gives assurance that the September completion date set by company will be met. The French Company which took over the operations of the container section of  Freetown Terminal a couple …continue reading