Sunday, September 19, 2021


Clifford Beatty, a Sierra Leonean; now a naturalized United States of America Citizen resident at 10584 Tattersall Drive, Manassas Virginia 20112 may thought that swindling innocent victims of their hard earned money or fraudulently obtaining their cash on the pretext of purchasing vehicles for them will continue endlessly, neglecting the economic pains and sufferings inflicted on them.

On 5th December, 2013 the National Central Bureau, Interpol Department in Freetown-Sierra Leone had communicated to the Head of the National Central Bureau, Washington Chapter informing the office of the criminal offence committed by Clifford Beatty on a Sierra Leonean Citizen and requested the branch office to effect his arrest. It is not known whether effort was made on their part to respond accordingly as requested.


The International Police loosely referred to as Interpol is a police cooperation that fights against cross border and organized crime globally. Coordination and cooperation among and between these offices are effective and prompt. But since the information was reported to the Washington Branch, it is not known what effort the Washington office has put in to contain the suspect.

It was after the Interpol alarm that the Law Offices of Yillah, Bangura and Tejan Cole filed in a suit at the High Court against Clifford Beatty and secured a judgment in default of appearance.

Meanwhile, family sources say another Law Firm in the United States of America whose legal service has been hired by Ms. M.G Kamara is busy putting the relevant papers together against Clifford Beatty.

For the past eight months that Clifford Beatty has been making unfulfilled promises, his victim has not relented; using all legal options to recover her US$8,700.00 that was swindled from her by this criminal networkorganized by the US Naturalized Citizen. “I am not fighting for myself alone but for the unsuspecting minds and to put a stop to Clifford Beatty’s criminal enterprise both in the United States of America and back home” She remarked.

In Virginia, where he resides, news about his criminal activities are no more secret and many Sierra Leoneans are reportedly distancing themselves from him “ He has tarnished the name of Sierra Leone in his Community and some of us are ashamed to be identified with him” echoed Mr. Dulai Kanu who has spent close to fifteen years in America.

Last year(2013), having got tired with the life he is living in the United States of America, he traveled to Sierra Leone to secure a job, but it appeared that the road was rough for him and had no alternative but to return to the United States of America to continue his wheeling and dealing trade.

Talking to this medium, Clifford Beatty has not denied obtaining the money, but said that at the time he received the money he had problems and since then he has been trying to refund Ms. M.G Kamara’s money. When will the refund be done is another untold story.



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