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Monthly Archives: April 2014


By the Communications Unit ABC Secretariat   The Attitudinal and Behavioural Change on 25th April inaugurated its ABC School Club members and their executives at the Freetown Secondary School for Girls (FSSG) following the election of the executive members on the 25th march 2014. The formation of the executive and its inauguration came after the school established an ABC Club following the Attitudinal and Behavioural Change (ABC) Secretariat’s training for ABC Pilot Schools which was held on the 11-13th of February 2014 at the National Stadium Hostel Freetown. During the program, the Chairman  who represented the Deputy Minister of Information …continue reading

False Start, And Hell Broke Loose for Presidential Hopeful Mohamed Kamaramba Mansaray

  Mohamed Kamaramba Mansaray (MKM) was the youth leader of the Washington DC chapter under the leadership of former chapter President Yabom Taslim Sesay-Koroma. He held the position for a brief period, but he made the most impact. He worked hard to organize fundraisings raffles by using his own money to purchase televisions and other personal effects to angle funds for the then financially strapped chapter. He has remarkable qualities. He is a visionary, charming, opinionated and hands on individual, who quickly created a positive political attention for himself.  These qualities slowly, but surely lead him to a collusion cause …continue reading