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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Rokel Bank Director Dismissed for Impropriety, Negligence and Fraud

            Early May 2014 dispelled the widest speculations of supporters of the Managing Director of the Rokel Commercial Bank to rest. After active lobbying and knocking on doors by his backers to see him back on his seat as Managing Director, Mr. Victor Cole received what he least expected to receive after getting assurances from those that had taken up his campaign to remain in office. The caption of the letter reads “Summary Dismissal” was slammed on him by a unanimous decision reached by the Bank’s Chairman and Board of Directors. Not only was he disillusioned, …continue reading


  By Andrew Keili/Phillip Nevill “The controversial issue of nullification of votes in the run-off did not affect the outcome of the results as stated in the declaration…There is one important element to highlight: international elections standards say that ‘the invalidation of votes does not require a repeat of the polling exercise if the act of invalidation does not affect the outcome of the poll.’ …… APC had 29,004 nullifications and SLPP 169,054. After nullification, the results were APC 950,407 and SLPP 789,651. If for arguments sake, the nullified votes were added to the declared results, the first and second positions would …continue reading


Clifford Beatty, a Sierra Leonean; now a naturalized United States of America Citizen resident at 10584 Tattersall Drive, Manassas Virginia 20112 may thought that swindling innocent victims of their hard earned money or fraudulently obtaining their cash on the pretext of purchasing vehicles for them will continue endlessly, neglecting the economic pains and sufferings inflicted on them. On 5th December, 2013 the National Central Bureau, Interpol Department in Freetown-Sierra Leone had communicated to the Head of the National Central Bureau, Washington Chapter informing the office of the criminal offence committed by Clifford Beatty on a Sierra Leonean Citizen and requested the branch office …continue reading

Kenyan Parliament Legalizes Polygamy on April 29, 2014

  By Arolyn Koroma, Washington, DC The years 2013 and 2014 will go into history as the years in which all the so-call impossibilities became possible. The Gay and Lesbian practice which was unthinkable to became law in any part of the world, is now legally accepted in many states in the United States. The American presidents Barak Obama work harder into shoving gay’s acceptance down the throats of some African leaders, but he met some resistances. The Marijuana, Kanja or pot, which Jamaican musicians has promoted its legalization since the 1960’s and 70’s has finally became a reality in …continue reading

Shadowing the APC-USA Chairmanship Contestants- Ahmed Kanu

  By Mary Adoga, Maryland – USA   In the upcoming APC- USA chairmanship election, we are faced d with the best of choices. There are five well qualified and capable candidates contesting for the office. They are Ahmed Kanu, Ohio, Allie Badara Kamare, New Jersey. He is a Community activist, Joseph B. Kamara, Washiiington, DC. He was former Financial Secretary in the Aziz Turay Administration.  Unisa Kanu , Atlanta, Georgia. He is an active Chapter member and Community activist. Bamie Parkes, New York. He Is a Businessman and a community activist. Out of these five candidates, Ahmed Kanu stands …continue reading

Nigeria’s Islamists Boko Haram Kidnapped 230 School Girls

  The Boko Haram Islamist is a group which is against Western education which they believed is the pillar of corruption. Thus, they want to establish Islamic sharia, which is more pure they contended. The group totally opposed western education for women. According to them, women supposed to stay at home and raise their children and look after their husbands. The Boko  Haram  islamists  killed  two guards and entered a Government High School Compound in the middle of the night  and snatched 230 school girls ages ranges from 13 to 18 years of age. They were all sleeping. They were …continue reading