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SACKED CHIEF OF STAFF IN “POLCE FREEZER”: Awaits Friday Court Appearance

Culled from the reputable Standard Times online newspaper. The former Chief of Staff is currently going thrugh due  process in court. For now we will follow his innocent pleas and watch how the court  investigates each plea.. It was yesterday Afternoon, when word went round that the sacked Chief of Staff; Dr. Richard Konteh has been invited to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). The reason for the invitation is different from what used to take place on a daily basis when he was invited to show up, pat on the back and told to return home quietly. It took the …continue reading

Sierra Leone EBOLA FEVER Attack is Contained, but by How Much, and How Long?

  As the neighboring Republic of French Guinea’s Death toll multiplied to more than 200 from the Ebola fever, the death toll from the Ebola disease victims in Sierra Leone held on to 12 but that number is expected to rise if corrective measures are not immediately implemented. The slow in spreading among the population like in other countries which minimized the death toll is primarily due to the emergency category which the Sierra Leone Government and Ministry of Health placed on the fever virus immediately it was understood and diagnosed as the Ebola fever. It is important for Sierra …continue reading


Dr. Richard Konteh’s appointment to serve in the Government of President Koroma was an embarrassment. But if the President has now come to realize it, by relieving him of his duty he may have incurred a lot of embarrassments, but kept quiet as an administrator who wanted to protect his staff. It is now evident that his endurance has reached a point of no return. Prior to Dr. Konteh’s return to Sierra Leone, he was head of a very credible media organization in Nigeria. The handling of the organization’s finances to which he was the head left him with no …continue reading

President Ernest B. Koroma Passed a Critical Decision Test of his Leadership in June 6, 2014

  Preparations and rumors about Sierra Leone’ president Ernest B. Koroma arriving in the U.S. capital Washington DC wee flying high like Easter kite in the early week of June. But the president did what most Sierra Leoneans did not expect from a Sierra Leone president. At home in Sierra Leone the ‘Ebola Fever’ has created a health emergency issue which cannot be ignored. The president was confronted with three equally important issues and choices. First, a visit with U.S. President Barak Obama to discuss important issues affecting the country. Secondly, he was slated to attend (the same date) an …continue reading

EBOLA Dreaded Disease in the Sub-Saharan Nations: Focus on Sierra Leone

By Arolyn I. Koroma, Washington, DC   The Ebola disease attacks its victims with mild fever which progressionally progresses in varied degrees. It causes vomiting, diapered, muscle pains, and in severe cases organ failure and unstoppable internal bleeding. Its transmission   is possible by blood and other bodily fluids   as well as insanitary handling of corpses or infected animals and carcasses. I.e. without gowns, gloves and nose coverings medical equipments which are not a panacea, but highly necessary. It appeared in the West Africa region in French Guinea and Liberia respectively where it killed more than one hundred (100) infected individuals …continue reading