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Monthly Archives: July 2014


  Hard core criminal prosecution Lawyer with vast experience in the legal practice has fired a criminal summon on three defendants for the offence of unlawful demolition of Freehold Property owned by the John F. Kennedy School conveyed to the authorities of the institution way back in the 1990s. The three defendants who have already been served with the action are Lillian Sesay 1st defendant, Augustine Banya 2nd defendant and Daniel NJanbondi 3rd defendant. The document reads “Lilian Sesay, Augustine Banya and Daniel NJanbondi on diverse days between the 1st day of July 2014 and the 5th day of July 2014 in Freetown in the …continue reading

Makeni Youths Exhibits their Talents

ABC SECRETARIAT STAFF WRITER For youths empowerment to cut across the country, the Attitudinal and Behavioural change Secretariat organises two day training program for youths in the Northern region ,the training was followed by an exhibition which took place on the 27th June,2014 at the City Hall, Station Road Makeni City . The exhibition only targeted youths who took parts in the two days training, this training was done to identify youths and their support to the ABC Campaign nationwide. Youths were classified  in to the following groups; Gara tie-dying, Music, Drama/film, Cultural performance and Graphic design. The Executive Director …continue reading

Ebola Fever-Socio-Economic Mobility and Traditional Norms are Responsible for the Spread.

  The Ebola continued to ravage the western region of West Africa. The desire to contain the dreaded disease is hampered among others, by Socio-economic mobility of individuals to make a decent living. The open borders which allowed free movements of neighbors; the Republic of Sierra Leone, Liberia and the Republic of Guinea.  The Traditional values, Guinea for Guineans, Liberia for Liberians and so forth would have contained the disease in a single locale. Finding answers as to contain the disease spurred an emergency meeting in Accra, Ghana on Wednesday 3, 2014, 11 African nations, but most prominent among them …continue reading

African Governance Initiative Nick Thompson, CEO, Reflects on 5 Years Supporting Effective Governance

  Five years. Is that a long period of time, or short? The world was certainly very different in summer 2008: the financial crisis raging, President Obama yet to enter the White House, no sign of the Arab Spring. Imagine though that you’re a President, at the start of your term, expected to transform the economy, reform the health sector, and improve education, all through a public service you neither trust nor understand. In those shoes, five years doesn’t feel long at all to get things done. When I think of AGI, in our fifth year, I also feel like …continue reading