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Monthly Archives: February 2017

All Hands on Deck for APC Party Road to 2018 General Elections

By Arolyn/Alimamy Kamara The APC party has enjoyed both a smooth and rough ten years run. Through our tenure in office, natural disasters had smacked and battered our nation’s economy and social fabric, but yet, Sierra Leoneans turn out to be quite resilience people. We came out stronger than ever at every awkward situation we find ourselves. As the father of our nation, the late Dr. Siaka Stevens once said, 20 years could meander, but would soon come down to one year and finally tomorrow. Indeed, our indomitable President, Dr. Ernest B. Koroma has enjoyed a smooth run, with an …continue reading

Serious Question Armchair Critics Should Be Asking Instead of Making Baseless Criticisms About Government

ALIMAMY ISSA KAMARA How many Sierra Leoneans are willing to take jobs in the fields harvesting the vegetables we all are so desperate to have? How many born Sierra Leoneans are willing to take on day laborer jobs in the construction industry? How many born Sierra Leoneans are willing to do domestic work for the “privileged” few that can afford household help? Seriously people WAKE UP! Our hardworking President and his government are what keeps this nation going without any meaningful commitment/impact from these so called armchair critics; food is government, clean houses is government, jobs is government, ask yourself …continue reading