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Monthly Archives: March 2017

President Dr. Ernest B. Koroma Delivers as he Promised

Alimamy I. Kamara A grand slam, it really was by the APC government; and that grand slam is being translated to real economic growth… Sierra Leoneans can feel it and see its effect across the four corners of Sierra Leone. Well meaning Sierra Leoneans love that this Government keeps delivering the goodies they promised to the nation. The President and his government are holding themselves accountable on behalf of the general citizenry, even with their day-to-day activities and being as transparent as possible. They have the feelings that they are working for Sierra Leoneans, rather than ruling them. It’s not …continue reading

President Ernest B. Koroma cannot be moved by Fake Accusations. “His Eyes on the Prize”.

ISSA ALIMAMY KAMARA President Koroma is loved by so many around the world except right here in his own Country, Sierra Leone, amongst desperate misguided opposition operatives. The so called desperate opposition operatives so indignant about our Country mishaps, when they didn’t even know how to respect themselves and proffered any reasonable solutions towards their frivolous criticisms, and their unsubstantiated claims about our President and his government. Every right-thinking Sierra Leonean would recognizes that President EBK is a Great Man, and they knows he is a GREAT President, that have transformed Sierra Leone into a better place for all,. He …continue reading