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Monthly Archives: July 2017

APC-USA’s 15 Chapter Presidents Determined to Pull the Political Plug on Chairman Unisia I. B. Kanu’s Administration for missing $9, 100/LE 63, 700, 000.00

By Arolyn I. Koroma The political survival of the Chairman in the next two weeks hangs in the balance, as his ardent support in the chapters has fallen apart. The next two weeks will reveal how much muscle Unisa Kanu has in the APC political arena. The Chairman was inaugurated in March 2017 of this year. He had been a political hawk in the politics of his Georgia, Atlanta chapter. He had secretly overthrown presidents whom he doesn’t like. He is well known for his illicit manipulation within and eventually kicks out presidents he hates in his chapter. He was …continue reading


By: Unisa Thorlu Conteh (APC pikin) and Alimamy I Kamara (Alkay D’Prince). We have been in politics for a long time now, and We’ve seen administrations come and go, but this time around has got us feeling a little bittersweet. You see, President Koroma ignited a spark in Sierra Leone political history nine years ago. He believed we needed to change the trajectory of our country for the better, together. During his two terms as president, more than 1 million people (pregnant women, children under-5, lactating mothers) have gained access to free healthcare, thousands of jobs have been created since …continue reading

Narrowing the Choice of Flag-bearer to Tribal Considerations is a Sad Beginning

By Brima Turay I have, with total disdain, been reading pieces on social media that clearly and myopically narrowed the choice of Flag-bearer for the APC party to just the Mende tribe as it relates to the advantage it will bring to the APC on the day of the ballot or the lack thereof. It is troubling that people would still narrow their analysis to just winning an election in a ward or constituency in the South; or being charismatic; or speaking more than one international language and all the other unreasonable categorizations that have now formed part of the …continue reading

APC-USA Chairman Unisa I.B. Kanu’s Band-Aid $43, 000.00 Financial Report is not an Investigation Report as He Implied

By Arolyn I. Koroma The Bai Bureh Times is proud of this opportunity to vividly clarify a simple concern which Chairman Unisa I. B Kanu cannot understand. And that is any bank customer can go to a Bank (ATM), pays one dollar and print a Financial Statement or Report, for the chairman to imply the Financial Report is an Investigation Report is sad and unfortunate. The report he presented on July 9, 2017 should have been presented six months ago to the branch after the Interim Administration handed over in September 2016, and the second Financial Report should have been …continue reading


By Umaru Jalloh Is this really false news Fake news that the APC USA Women’s Wings is becoming a one woman “GANG” as posted in the APCUSA Executive Forum, “I heard it through the Breaking News of the “Grapevine”? Indeed Cracks have started appearing within the APC Women’s Wing Leadership as well as the APCUSA. Would it be the beginning of the dooms day? Originally the position of the women’s wing Leadership appointment used to be made by the elected chairman of the national branch, now things have changed for the worst; the present wing leader was selected by Elizabeth …continue reading