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Mahmud Tim Kargbo When it comes to leadership and management in the race for Presidential flagship within the APC, shortsightedness or myopia is a common occurrence from the part of the opposition members. What does that mean? Since sound leadership in handling transitional elections is part art as much as part science, We keep on hearing too many negative assumptions from the opposition taking a very shortsighted look at the role and responsibility of President Koroma in handling a successful APC flagship race. By this I mean they place more negative priority on the duties and responsibilities (the science) where …continue reading

‘Sierra Leone Toll Road ChargesFor Real?

A Commentary by Abdul Malik Bangura One of the many things which I have learnt in my years as editor of the Awareness Times Newspaper is that people in Sierra Leone sell their conscience. The Wellington – Masiaka Toll Road Contract and the charges imposed on very poor Sierra Leoneans, clearly show that my country needs people who can think nationalistically and fight for the rights of our vulnerable masses – many of whom are living in extreme poverty. The reason why I say people are selling their conscience is the fact that majority of the elites that I have …continue reading

When the Leadership Turns a Blind Eye at APC- N. America’s Embezzlement, What Happens to the Five-Fingered Rats?

By Arolyn I. Koroma Indeed, the Freetown administration has again disappointed APC-USA supporters after the Secretariat Bosses turned a blind-eye at the forty-three thousand dollars ($43,000.00), embezzlement in the American branch. This amount might be very small to the secretariat, but not to those who worked very hard to secure a salary and sacrifice to contribute to the party and then had it embezzled. And the thieves are supported by the Freetown Secretariat. As you may recall, Chairman Unisa I. B. Kanu’s administration was installed in August 2016. In less than four months, forty-three thousand dollars ($43,000.00) was misappropriated, including …continue reading