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Here’s What You Need to Know About U. S. Iran Crisis

CNN Staff Writer Jun 21, 2019 Tensions between the US and Iran are at their highest level in years after Tehran shot down an American drone on Thursday. The confrontation has raised fears that a conflict between the two countries would quickly spiral into a wider war that could consume the entire region. Here’s a look at how we got here. Why is this happening now? The roots of the latest Iran-US crisis go back to 2018, when US President Donald Trump walked away from the Iranian nuclear deal, one of the signature achievements of his predecessor Barack Obama, and …continue reading

Lungi Toll Fee Bridge Without Huge Government Debt

  Staff Writer _State House, Freetown , June 19,  2019i His Excellency President Dr Julius Maada Bio has told the investors’ conference on the tender process for the proposed Lungi Bridge that infrastructural investments should not burden the country with huge debt. “We believe infrastructural investments…should be financed in a way that the public and future generations are not liable for that debt. So we are not going to build a bridge or an airport for which the people of Sierra Leone are going to pay back a high-interest loan for 10, 20, or 30 years. That simply does not …continue reading

Former Vice President Alj. Dr. Sam Sumana and the Port Loko Saga

 by Aruna Turay June  18, 2019 Police have confirmed to AYV that they prevented opposition leader Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana and ‘an illegal crowd’ of hundreds of supporters from entering Port Loko on Sunday 16th June 2019 because they failed to seek police clearance to do so. Sam Sumana is sacked former vice president of Sierra Leone and current Leader of the Coalition for Change (C4C) party. Past Sunday, he set out to visit Port Loko town to watch a football match between Bai Bureh Warriors of Port Loko town and the Freetown-based FC Johansen on a friendly match at …continue reading

America Another War Planning?: Iran Tensions ‘Disturbingly Reminiscent’ of Run up to Iraq War

By Devan Cole, CNN Jun 16, 2019 Washington (CNN) – Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg on Sunday expressed concern about the Trump administration’s Iran saber-rattling, drawing a comparison to the rising tensions during the Bush administration that led to the Iraq War. “Well, I think we need a measured assessment of information as it continues to come in. There’s no question that Iran has a pattern of malign activities. There’s also no question that there is a pattern that is disturbingly reminiscent of the run up to the war in Iraq, in some cases being driven by the same people,” …continue reading

The APC Party Needs Political Leaders with Experience and Not Village Parrots

By Umaru Jalloh June 15, 2019 Fellow Sierra Leoneans it is absolutely wrong to see some segment of our political community or political group outside the country or inside Sierra Leone trying to persuade young men and young women at home, to go out there in-great number and wage unnecessary violent demonstrations at home , while those who have enjoyed the fruits of the APC party hibernated underground from public eyes . Sierra Leoneans have seen in their midst those who used to serve in the EBK administration are nowhere to be seen. They have chicken-out of the country, now …continue reading

UNESCO Pledges Support for Free Quality Education in Sierra Leone

Staff Writer June  13, 20019 A high-level delegation from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, UNESCO, led by its Regional Director, Ydo Yao, has met with His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio at State House to pledge their support to Government’s Free Quality Education Programme. UNESCO is a UN body that seeks to build peace through international cooperation in Education, Science and Culture. It develops educational tools to help people live as global citizens, free of hate and intolerance. The UN body also works so that each child and citizen has access to quality education. In his presentation, …continue reading

The Education Minister Hon. Alpha Osman Timbo is Bringing Back Respect to Sierra Leone’s Education and Examinations

  Monday, June 11, 2019 By Desmond Jones The Education Minister Alpha Osman Timbo is Bringing Back Respect to Sierra Leone Education and Examinations. By Desmond Jones June 10, 2019 The Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education Alpha Osman Timbo is working very Hard to Restore integrity in Sierra Leone’s Schools Examinations. From a historical perspective, Sierra Leone has lost “the Athens of Africa” adage. An advanced system of education like non other that  is only found in Sierra Leone, West Africa for many years. For about thirty years, Sierra Leone’s successive governments placed a low premium on educational …continue reading

The World’s Top Economies Lay out Principles on Debt Sustainability at G20 Meeting

  Staff Writer June 10, 2019 *FUKUOKA, Japan Finance leaders from the world’s top economies on Sunday adopted new principles to ensure countries that lend and borrow for infrastructure spending do so in a sustainable manner, a move seen as addressing concerns that China’s lending practices have saddled some emerging nations with huge debt.* *The principles, signed off by the Group of 20 finance leaders who gathered in the southern Japan city of Fukuoka, called for securing transparency and responsible, sustainable financing for infrastructure projects.* We stress the importance of maximizing the positive impact of infrastructure to achieve sustainable growth …continue reading

I have To Tell it All As It Is. What Do I Have To Gain. The Truth Will Set Us Free

  VOICE OF PEACE HOLY PAGE OF SACRED COWS.  By Umaru Jalloh Friday, June 7, 2019 The Strength of the APC USA is vital to the sustenance of the APC party at home; therefore, this Branch deserves a Chairman with some political experience to lead and not to be led by someone from afar. The next APC USA National Chairman in the USA will have to face the real test of time in revamping the APC USA Branch, he must be bold enough to make some necessary political changes in the reduction of the present APC USA Diaspora Executive membership. …continue reading

U.S House of Congress Speaker Nancy Pelosi Only Wants To See U.S. President Donald Trump In Prison

Nancy Pelosi says she wants to see President Trump ‘in prison’ by New York Post Writer EPA; AP House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she would like to see President Trump “in prison” during a contentious meeting with senior Democrats over whether to launch impeachment proceedings, a report said. Pelosi was speaking with House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler at the meeting with Dems when the two clashed over whether to allow Nadler’s committee to start an impeachment inquiry, according to Politico. “I don’t want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison,” Pelosi said, according to the paper. A …continue reading