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President Maada Bio Return to Sierra Leone

By Abdul Rashid Thomas (SLT) Sierra Leone’s president Julius Maada Bio and his family yesterday arrived in Freetown to a tumultuous welcome by his ruling party supporters, after almost ten days absence from the country, which prompted wild speculations about his whereabouts and wellbeing. The president was met on arrival at the Murray Town sea coach dock by a throng of supporters and party loyalists, who formed a long vehicle convoy to accompany the president and his family to their residence at State Lodge, as traffic in the central district of Freetown grounded to a halt. To prove he was …continue reading

A Sierra Leonean Businessm Kiled by Gambian Police

Abdul Rashid Thomas A Sierra Leonean businessman, identified as Ousman Darboe has died in Serrekunda – the Gambia, after he was released on bail by Gambian police following his arrest and detention for suspected possession of stolen property. According to the Gambian news network – Kerr Fatou, dozens of young people gathered at the Serrekunda Police Station to protest against the death of Ousman Darboe, who they claimed was severely beaten by the police anti-crime unit. Darboe, a shop owner at the Black Market was reportedly arrested by the police anti-crime unit about 13 days ago and released last Friday. …continue reading

My Life as a Sex Object in Sierra Leone

 23 July 2019 at 03:12 |  2180views My life as a sex object in Sierra Leone – Everyday Sexism By Vickie Remoe, A male acquaintance called me. He told me he had a business deal to discuss with me. He came and we spoke about the deal which had to do with liquidating assets for a client. He is a lawyer. Somewhere in the middle of that conversation he said that thing (pointing in the direction of my crotch) it must have been a long time since someone hit that. He said it was unfair. That he was waiting for the day …continue reading


    JUNE 16, 2019   By Arolyn Koroma   The most bizarre and irrational political Recall in history took place in the World’s Citadel of Democracy in Washington, D C, in the Washington Metropolitan Chapter (WMCC) USA. It occurred due to what I referred to as an urge to make “Double Standardism”. “don’t do what I do, but do what I say”. Pa Bongo Fire Subba (Cocorioco), who is the Headman of the Political Wing of the Pygmy’s Government in the Congo Forest, can come to the United States of America to give a lecture on Democracy’s primary rules: …continue reading

Where is President Dr. Maada Bio of Sierra Leone?

Staff Writer Sierra Leone’s media – both news and social, are awash with rumours and innuendos. concerning the whereabout of president Julius Maada Bio, who has not been seen in public or heard from, for several days. The president whose staff at State House are normally quick to issue a statement informing the public about the president’s itinerary – especially his travel plans, are this time however, keeping tight-lipped. Despite several days of speculation  about president Bio’s escapade, ranging from poor health which many say is failing, to the president taking what his supporters say is a well-earned holiday in …continue reading

Politics At The Bar-Sierra Leone’s Legal Profession in the 21st Century-The Way Forward

By Abdul Rashid Thomas (SLT) July 7, 2019 Co-Author- Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara Esq As we move through the second decade of the twenty-first century, the legal profession in our beloved Sierra Leone confronts a confluence of pressures and realities that have the potential to greatly change how law is practiced at all levels of the profession. Like multiple rivers coming together to create a larger more powerful river, these pressures and realities are coming together to exert inordinate pressure on the legal profession for change. While no one can predict the future with a high degree of accuracy, we can …continue reading

President Bio Pays Millions of Dollars to Former President Koroma And Senior Government Officials

By Abdul Rashid Thomas (SLT ) July 7, 2019 Former president Koroma, former vice president, ministers and senior officials of the previous APC government have today received an inflation bursting windfall from president Julius Maada Bio, amounting to millions of dollars. This massive windfall is in lieu of their end of service benefits and gratuities, after the Koroma government lost elections held in March last year. These payments have been regarded by the opposition APC as a major bone of contention for their party, which is led by former president Koroma. It is understood that president Bio has decided to …continue reading