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Monthly Archives: August 2019

S. L. President Julius Maada Bio-Africans Must Not Miss Out On Fourth Industrial Revolution

By A Tokyo, Japan  Reporter President Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone has called for “the right investment” to help prepare Africa for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). He was speaking at the Seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD7) held in Yokohama, Japan yesterday, Wednesday 28 August 2019. The 4IR is the current and developing environment in which disruptive technologies and trends such as the internet, robotics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the way we live and work. President Bio was addressing a group of about 50 African Heads of State and Government, during the …continue reading

S.L. High Court Grants Bail To Twenty-Three APC Opposition Members And Supporters

By Ishmael O. T. Bangura Twenty-three members and supporters of Sierra Leone’s main opposition APC who were arrested in Freetown for various offences, ranging from riotous and violent conduct to destruction of property, were today granted bail after their case was committed to the High Court. Bail conditions for each of the accused were set by Justice Simeon Alieu at the High Court No.1 at Two Hundred Million Leones (Le200,000,000) plus one surety, who must be a resident in the Western Area; and that each surety providing individual proof of address, along with their Identification Cards to the Master and …continue reading

Taming the U.S. Dollar to Strengthen the S.L. Leone

By PUAWUI – DR SAMA BANYA After pumping thousands or is it millions of United States Dollars into the Sierra Leone financial system and hoping for an upturn in the fortune of our national currency – the Leone, the Central Bank Governor has taken some bold steps to control the crazy financial market. Would anyone really tell what else needs to be done to shore up the Leone, in addition to the Governor of the Central Bank Professor Kallon stepping in to instil some sense and discipline into the volatile market? He has been criticised or ridiculed by the columnist …continue reading

Rebuilding a sustainable City of Freetown, Past, Present and the Future.

By Alhaji Umar N’jai Every year the rainy season in Sierra Leone comes with its usual ferocity and destruction of lives and property. And every year, the response from government and society remains the same. Such business as usual attitude and approach must change, if Freetown is to remain a viable community, with people living and working sustainably, alongside the city’s eco-system and landscape. This article in the Sierra Leone Telegraph, is a masterclass for government officials, policy makers and citizens, looking for an unbiased and honest understanding of the ecological, environmental and human challenges and threats facing Freetown – …continue reading

Sierra Leone Gears up For African Block Digital Identity

By Abdul Rashid Thomas (SLT) On Wednesday, 21 August 2019, president Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone unveiled Sierra Leone’s National Digital Identity Platform, making it the first such Blockchain national identification system in Africa. At the Seventy-third Session of the UN General Assembly last year in New York, the President announced a partnership with the UN and KIVA, a US-based financial services international non-profit organisation,  to launch a bold new initiative designed to give the country’s seven million citizens access to financial services. “Today, less than one year after, I am pleased to announce that we have accomplished that …continue reading

A speech By Outgoing IMF Representative in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Speech delivered at a farewell cocktail for Dr. Iyabo Masha, IMF Representative 2015-2019, Radisson Blu Hotel, Freetown, August 20, 2019. I hold the belief that the best place to talk about someone is behind their back. But tonight, I have had the honor of listening to tributes from Minister of Finance Jacob J. Saffa; Head of the European Union Delegation Ambassador Tom Vens; Bank of Sierra Leone Deputy Governor Dr. Ibrahim Stevens and the Resident Advisor Dr. Gani Gerguri; UN Resident Coordinator (a.i.), Dr. Kim Dickson, World Bank Country Manager Dr. Gayle Martin; and Executive Director of Native Consortium Civil …continue reading

Delving into the Minds of Children Who Kills Their Parents, A Medical Doctor’s Perspective

By Dr. Nanah Sheriff Fofanah-Sesay, USA According to Guy (2018), parricide is an act which causes horror when the lives of parents are taken, often brutally, by their own offspring. The Federal Bureau of Investigation suggest there are around 200 to 300 murders where the person responsible was not only known to their victim but was their own child (Guy, 2018). The purpose of this article is to delve deeper into the minds of children who kill their own parents with the hope of finding solutions that will mitigate these incidents. Let me start by looking at some famous published …continue reading

Freetown City Contemplates on Building 5,000 Homes for Anticipated Natural Disasters Homeless

Abdul Rashid Thomas (SLT) :22 August 2019: Freetown City Council is planning to build 5000 low-cost houses to meet the needs of displaced and low-income citizens of the city. Speaking last week, Freetown’s Mayor – Yvonne Aki-Sawyer, said: “The affordable housing is particularly aimed at easing the plight of the city’s populace, dwelling in mostly uncongenial habitations and dismally poor housing conditions.” A feasibility study she said, will shortly be carried out in the urban slums and other possible areas where the houses could be built. Sierra Leone’s poor But questions are being asked about the rationale for building low …continue reading

Sierra Leone Needs Drastic Structural Reform To Turn Around Fragile Economy

By Abdul Rashid Thomas Prince Jacob Macauley: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 August 2019: People of Sierra Leone have come to realize that we cannot keep on doing the same thing and hope to get different result. The economic policies that have been followed are not helping; and we have an ongoing economic crisis as a nation. High cost of fuel, the rise in foreign exchange rate and the lack of private sector investment, are all part of the problem. The sad reality is that we are looking for foreign investors to come and rescue us. But we have never seen anywhere …continue reading

Minister of Basic and Secondary School Education Hon. Alpha O. Timbo Attracted More Overseas Support for Free Quality School Education

By Desmond Jones During a just-concluded high-level political forum held on the Sustainable Development Goals, held in New York, the Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, Hon. Alpha Timbo, continues to attract more support for the successful implementation of the Free Quality School Education Programme that was launched by his Government, at the beginning of the Sierra Leone People’s Party rule Hon. Alpha Timbo achieved this as a result of his impressive Voluntary National Review presentation on the current status of Educational Development in Sierra Leone, at a side event of a high-level political forum in the United States …continue reading