Tuesday, May 26, 2020

All Hands on Deck for APC Party Road to 2018 General Elections

By Arolyn/Alimamy Kamara

The APC party has enjoyed both a smooth and rough ten years run. Through our tenure in office, natural disasters had smacked and battered our nation’s economy and social fabric, but yet, Sierra Leoneans turn out to be quite resilience people. We came out stronger than ever at every awkward situation we find ourselves. As the father of our nation, the late Dr. Siaka Stevens once said, 20 years could meander, but would soon come down to one year and finally tomorrow.

Indeed, our indomitable President, Dr. Ernest B. Koroma has enjoyed a smooth run, with an overwhelming majority in the House of Parliament. For our party to continue the good work of our dynamic President and protects his legacy, we have to buckle-up and set our house in other.

As we approach count-down, the infighting must stop. the unnecessary tearing ourselves apart, instead of attacking the opposition will prove counterproductive in the next few months. Thus, we must concentrate on building a strong rainbow coalition within our house, because a divided house can never stand the test of time. The many prospective aspirants showcasing themselves is good for democracy. However, we must realize that only one aspirant the APC Party is going to fill in, come March 7, 2018.

The president had cleared the air regarding his third-term running speculations. Let’s don’t forget that he is still the most popular sitting president, compared to past and present aspirants. Nonetheless, he is ready to pass on the Barton of leadership.
The date for all interested APC Party flag bearer aspirants to resign their present cabinet or government held positions effective March 7, 2017. This is the date xyz has to resign in other to be qualified to campaign for the March 7, 2018 General Elections. March 7th is the date on which all the seats in the House of Representatives (House of Parliament positions will be up for re-election.

Our electorate must start to be prepared in other to stay well informed for voter/mobilization for the indomitable APC party to clinch the forthcoming elections, just as we suit-cased the magic number four for four (4 for 4) and proudly showcased it to the world after 2012 General Elections.

Whoever is worried, concerned, angry, disappointed about the direction of our party, and the appalling performances of certain government officials, who has not measured up to expectations, this is the time to right our wrong.

Our president has set the pace for others to emulate. His expectations as to who will continue his legacy has never been greater than the present east, west and south convoluted atmosphere. The north is less of a mixed bag, but for now complacency is our greatest enemy. We don’t need to starts any unnecessary blame game, because time is not on our side. This is the time we should be strategizing, by putting our eggs in one basket and protect it to the end, despite the fact that the “Pa Don wok”.

But we must all believe that to duplicate 2012, we must change our trajectory and stop the name calling and bickering. We should continue to strategically plan for each seat, fight to protect it as if the part’s life depended upon winning it to survive. Nothing should be taken for granted.

Let’s remember that the Presidency is only one cog in the government machinery, and we can make effective additions through voting for our local council’s representatives and members of parliament representatives. This is the key that can balance our situation, if only we want continuity and protect President Dr. Ernest B. Koroma’s legacy.

Let’s remember in our campaign that APC abide by the rule of law, no journalist jailed, freedom to congregate was encouraged and of course, the freedom of speech was realized even though it was abused by social media produced journalists, who never enjoyed this freedom in previous governments.
Let’s stay the course forward ever, as progressive and not backward thinking Sierra Leoneans. Stay tuned as we collectively march towards winning 2018 General Elections.

Arolyn I. Koroma, Editor-in-Chief. Www.thebaiburehtimes.com. Journalist & Author of 3 books: (#1. Sofia and the Misfortune of the HIV/AIDS, #2. Brima Falla, the Adventure of an African Child Soldier and #3. Bai Bureh -A Tail of an African Warrior). To PURCHASE, call: 1 812 671-9754. Your name will be sent to me. Also Amazon and Libraries. Thanks for your patronage.

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