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An Open Letter To Chapter Presidenrs


Saturday, November 2, 2019



On behalf of The Bai Bureh Times and the Wusum Times Online Newspapers based in the United States, we are writing you this letter for two-fold purpose s. Primarily to laise with all Diaspora Satellites (Britain, Ireland, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Gambiia, ect) and their respective Chapter Presidents and memberships. This letter is regarding the current Secretariat’s financial need of about five thousand dollars ($5000). and subsiquent requeats from APC-USA, and probably other satellites. The respective Chapters agenda the required sum in their monthly meetings, The requested amount met some resistances in most Chapters. Consequently, it was agreed that the money must be delivered by APC-USA Chairman Unisa I.B. Kanu with (Quid pio quo) Demands attached. We will like for Diaspora to realize that, we are a vital force for the advancement of our APC-Party. That is why these Editors are reaching out to you, especially the Chapter presidents. You have shown yourselves as individuals with humility, courage and integrity in the annals of leadership. Your continued collective contributions to the great progress of the party are recognixed and mark us all as APCers in the true tradition of what our forefathers envisioned this party. Many of us will squarely place the responsibility of eradicating the nebulous Dual-Citizenship or Double-Sim in our country on your shoulders. if we don’t act now to have it removed from Sierra Leone’s constitution, the next generation of Diaspora will not only cast blames upon us, but we will also be in the negative side of history for not reaching out to our government. The Bai Bureh Times online newPaper and the Wusum Times has prominently championed and futureed this perplexing Double Sim issue. It is not easy to tell our leaders political reality, the individuals will be labeled as anti-party. Quite recently, our newspapers Editorials concerns were being echoed by some of the chapter presidents. . The Dual-sim is an issue wherein all the Chapter presidents must be counted in our Diaspora political history. If we as Diaspora don’t fight our course, nobody else will. We helplessly witnessed being victimized during the April 2018 General Elections. Diaspora must give our parliamentarians the support they need in this trial times in the current government.It is a bipartisan National issue that all the Opposition Parties will embrace. The presidents must speak with one voice. Therefore, you all must present to your chapter memberships a list of what their financial contributions can bring back to them and generations to come. 1. The Freetown APC Secretariat .must demand that parliamentarians must table a motion to rid of theDouble-Sim . 2. Goverment must appoint a Diaspora to the post of Diaspora Coordinator with an office in Freetown.. 3. Future Governments must save five or more ministerial positions. These are the demands we have to forefully tie to our periodic contributed funds. We know that not all Chapters can afford the five hundred dollars respective Chapters contributions. However, whether your chapter meet the threshold or not, You must be part of this process. The presidents must produce and sign, and submit to the party Secretariat a Joint Cominique listing requests that are comensurate to Diaspora’s financial contributions. Sincerely, Arolyn I. Koroma – The Bai Bureh Time- USA. Umaru Jalloh- The Wusum Times-USA ©️ November 1, 2019

Author & Chief Editor, The Bai Bureh  Times


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