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APC-USA Women’s Wing Leader, Mariama Lowe Bangura and the missing $6, 000.00 of Branch’s funds.

By Arolyn Koroma
February 4, 2018

The APC-USA Women’s Wing Leader Mariama Lowe Bangura had been loose cannon for quite a long time. The APC-USA Women’s Wing is her own boss. She reports to nobody, not even to Chairman Unisa Kanu. The women’s Wing bank account is her personal pocket book and ATM. For nearly four years, she runs the entity as her personal company. She is not answerable to the branch chairman. She created a cabal which she had under control, and does her bidding. She uses the branch’s funds to run her campaign. She made almost seven trips to Freetown in the name of promoting the Women’s sector of the Branch, while in effect she promoted her political ambitions in Freetown.
The APC Party does not reject members, but if a member don’t snitch or don’t boot-lick, Mariama Bangura will set her cabal against the individual and eventually remove paid-up members from the party’s forum without a course and no member of the Women’s Wing dare questioned her. If the PRO or Secretary doesn’t write praising her, she removes them and give their positions to the snitchers. This awkwardness only happens in the APC-USA Branch. According to her, she hires, and fires and no member of the Women’s Wing dare questioned her. Anyone who challenges her doubtful financial activities get intimated by her clique, which she had created for that purpose only. There is not a meeting where she doesn’t propose financial contributions to support a worthy cause in Sierra Leone. The devoted membership who are eager to help their country, never ask, but accepts and always made the contributions. Due to her motor “if you Shake a Go Wap” which simply means if you don’t toe the line, you are fired. It has worked for her for most of the time, but of late it had failed to work for her now, because they are beginning to realize her divide and rule tactics.
Her dictatorship and relentless show of political over ambitions has made her intentions obvious and colludes with others. She withdrew funds from the organization’s account without a clear usage purpose. Those with clear minds to request explanation regarding how she is using the funds will meet resistance from the rest of the membership whom she set against sober minded individuals. Whosoever ask salient questions regarding her nefarious divide and rule administrative methodology and misappropriation of funds get attack by her in-group, who feared reprisal if they go out of line.

Before she vied for parliamentarian symbol, she promoted herself to President of the Diaspora Women’s Congress. A title that does not exist in the diaspora APC –USA politics. Many of her cabal in the women’s wing addresses her as Madam President Mariama Lowe Bandura. While in fact, the president of the Women’s Congress Madam Elizabeth Mann’s is in Freetown, Sierra Leone. In a bid to convince her cabal constituency, she proposed funding to enable her to fly to Bathurst Gambia to grace a proposed function of the Women’s Wing there. APC-USA Women’s wing Leader covers only the fifteen (15) participating United States’ chapter.

For almost four years, the Women’s Wings does not have an organization bank account. The account co-mingled with a friend’s personal account. Only the two of them knows what is in the account at any given time. Whoever request for transparency and accountability is ganged upon and accuse of being atraitor or back-stabber. For three years, there is no bank statement shown to either, the Women Wing contributors or to the APC-USA Branch executive. She withdraws to buy some of her campaign tickets to fly to Sierra Leone, while she refused others who equally vied to contest in political Parliamentary Seats.
About the mid-week of January, she raided the Women’s Wing Branch bank account and withdrew six ($6,000.00) thousand dollars and left less than forty dollars in the APC account. She had used the account as her pocket book and ATM for more than three years. The six thousand dollars was an elaborate scheme to defraud the Branch.

The six thousand dollars (6,000.00) funds are supposed to be part of APC-USA Branch’s financial contribution to the party’s flag bearer, Hon. Dr. Samurai Kamara’s presidential bid. But the self promoted president of Women’s Congress/Women’s Wing Leader claimed she wanted the money to buy OKADA Bike for a government official (name withdrawn for now) to ride and conduct campaign. Information from her confidences is saying she needs the money to bribe for a job in Freetown, Which is not far from the truth. Because early last year, she left to go and represent the Women’s Wing in Freetown, but she single handedly saw the president in the name of the Women’s Wing, but she instead presented a plaque to the President without mentioning the Women’s Wing. Photos revealed the rogue leader. For the record, APC-USA Chairman Unisia Kanu’s vice Joseph B. Kamara had reached out to Mariam Bangura and demanded her to return funds, to no avail.
The Bai Bureh Times newspaper will continue to dig in until the six thousand dollars is used for its intended purpose and that is, for the support of the APC Party flag bearer, Hon. Dr. Samura Kamara and not for illicit job search in Freetown.
We are hearing stories that the Women’s Wing leader Mariama Bangura has replied that she has money to feed or give every household in Diaspora $6,000.00. The only money the APC-USA Branch wanted is its six thousand dollars, nothing more and nothing less. The three years swindle ring and misused of our branch’s funds must come to a stop. “No more monkey wok, baboon eat”. An audit is inevitable and it is the only way to go. Mariama Lowe Bangura must return the money back for it to be sent to Freetown by the Branch Chairman Unisa Kanu.
North America APC Party has no sacred cow. “With malice to none, it’s only a principle, thebaiburehtimes-warrior”.
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Arolyn I. Koroma Editor-in-Chief. The Bai Bureh Times

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