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The Egypt Fiaso

THE EGYPT FIASCO Umaru Jalloh, Atlanta, Georgia Opponents of Egypt’s ousted president, Mohamed Morsi, celebrated into the night Wednesday after the military forcefully removed him from office; supporters of anti Morsi  filling the streets in parts of the capital city of Cairo and in other cities and towns. Egyptians danced and cheered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and outside the presidential palace, waving Egyptian flags and flashing green-colored lasers. Fireworks illuminated the skies of Egypt with joy and sorrow. “We want a better future, a better economy,” said Riham. Top General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced the suspension of the democratic rule …continue reading

A Closer Look At Dr. Koroma’s Apc Administration Supported Diasporas Conventions In 2013 And His Achievements


by Arolyn I. Koroma, Washington, DC December 20, 2013 Many Sierra Leoneans viewed the Convention which took place in Washington DC, on December 6-7, 2013 with optimism. The aspiring candidates were Alhaji Allie Badara Kamara- New Jersey, Ahmed Kanu- Ohoi, Barmie Parks- New York, Unisa I.B. Kanu- Atlanta, Georgia, and Joseph B. Kamare- Washington, DC It was indeed a positive beginning. President Ernest Koroma’s PEACE envoy to England, Germany, and the United States Conventions proved money was well spent, because the results have justified the means. The 13-man APC delegation that descended on the shores of Germany, England, `Holland, ect. …continue reading

A Call For A National Conference on Education


By Francis Sowa The state of education in Sierra Leone needs a serious rethinking. The rethinking should seriously take into consideration the expressed views of Sierra Leoneans on what they have termed as “the appalling state of education in the country.” The incessant cries about the poor standard and quality of education have come from all shades of opinion. Employers are concerned about the quality and output of some of our graduates; lecturers ask what secondary schools some of their students attended; parents and guardians ask who are the teachers and lecturers in schools and colleges; students and pupils either …continue reading

Mercenary Company Topples Transport Owners In Sierra Leone


…London Mining Conspires A French Company operating in the country has been described by many Sierra Leoneans as a constituted group of French Business Mercenaries with the principal aim and anxiety of ripping the country apart and destroying the future and livelihoods of a number Sierra Leoneans engaged in transportation business. Already a foreign Company in the business of iron ore has been dragged into the Company’s fold and now turning it like a baby in a cut. London Mining Company has found itself in the wrapper of the French Mercenary Company called Bollore and now exploiting it to the …continue reading

Frank Timis Storms Ivory Coast And Burkina Faso


4 AUGUST 2013 By Patricia Christiane The Crowned Emperor of West African Resource Industry Takes on New Challenges With Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso Governments as Pan-African Minerals Set to upgrade and refurbish rail line and be the lead operator between the Two Countries. The African mining landscape is about to change for good. Two West African countries will soon see a complete overhaul of their socio-economic circumstances, as both governments in Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso have consented to give rights to Pan African Minerals (Timis Cooperation), to upgrade and refurbish the rail line between the two countries to …continue reading

Will Opposition Leader Morgan Tsvangiral Retire Mavrick Politician Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe General Election 2013?


Zanu-PF’s Robert Mugabe and Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)’s Morgan Tsvangiral are trading pre-election result vibes’. President Robert Mugabe who is no stranger to political battles , this week quietly clinched a coin and he choose the TAILS, instead of the HEADS, which he had confidently selected during elections for well over 30 years, when he could predict elections results in his homeland of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). He went out of character this time around to state that “I will peacefully surrender and go into perpetual political vacation if my Zanu-PF party looses, but if the other side looses, he better …continue reading

WASH Journalists Network Sierra Leone


BY Santigie Kamara, WASH Journalists Network Sierra Leone The long and protracted battle between the Freetown Waste Management and MASADA Limited regarding the resultant control and management of garbage and waste disposal in the Municipality of Freetown has actually left a serious vacuum thus leading to the resultant flooding of main streets in the city centre and its immediate environs. Over the past years, much has not been done regarding Health Education in the Freetown Municipality, a situation which has given petty traders and occupants the temerity to be disposing their garbage and human waste in the gutters. This particular …continue reading

President Ernest Koroma Referred to Diaspora as Sierra Leone’s 13 th District. (or 5th Region)

President Ernest  Koroma Referred to Diaspora as Sierra Leone’s 13 th District. (or 5th Region). By Amadu Massally, Govt. and Public Affairs, Writer, Sierra Leone July 29, 2013 Folks, we have been asked formally to reach out to the Diaspora with regard to soliciting feedback from what has been referred to as the 5th Region by no other person than His Excellency, The President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.  This government takes the Diaspora as serious strategic partners in helping our country to reach her national objectives via the newest of the poverty reduction strategy …continue reading