Thursday, June 20, 2019


By Alimamy I Kamara (Alkay D’Prince)
Dr. Samura Kamara has always been a man of high moral integrity and of his words, he is a true definition of a leader, he talks less and listen more, humble and down-to-earth… Dr. Samura Kamara will know how to persevere the legacy of President Koroma. He has experienced both failure and success on governance socioeconomic and cultural issues, and is now wildly successful in economic and foreign policy, locally and globally.. We need a leader that loves this country and has the ability to lead and negotiate in our interests, and has what it takes to be successful as President Koroma.. Dr. Samura Kamara excels in all of those qualities. He did what he said he will, fostering good Economic policies for our country since the NPRC regime to SLPP and now the APC administration, He has fulfilled a big part in the transformational drive of our Country to prosperity, under the astute leadership of President Koroma. He’s not corrupt like Jobless Bio was, or being a liar like deceptive KKY who wants to lie his way to the presidency of Sierra Leone, by faking his membership with the defunct SLPP and he was kicked out, and now he is desperate to lead at all cost by forming his own party. Dr. Samura has a wealth of experience as a technocrat and a politician.

He’s not a tribalist like Maada Bio and doesn’t entertain tribalistic cults like we’re seeing right now in the SLPP. Dr. Samura Kamara has all the good qualities of a leader and he will truly make Sierra Leone Great, by working on the developmental programs of President Koroma. Dr. Samura Kamara has really demonstrated to our Country that he care about doing good for our ordinary people, and he is intelligent, upright and always has a positive mindset, without ego getting in the way. Jobless Bio and liar in Chief KKY are in the opposite; all they cares about is themselves and for jobless Bio his overinflated tribalistic ego is his main engine, and liar in Chief KKY his egotistical mentality of him wanting to be president at all cost, made him a middle-of-the road Presidential candidate who has lost political direction, and he is also guilty of being a Paopa. He says whatever pops into his head without considering who it might affect or offend (e.g. The Peace and conflict scenario)… KKY, it all about him, with his arrogant style of leadership. He (Lying KKY) wants people hanging on his words; most of the times he is just a reader from a TelePrompTer and he pauses incorrectly because of his self-absorbed personality. He and his followers always brags about him being a good public speaker; they are bragging because they haven’t seen exceptional speakers, either his followers haven’t truly read about greater public speakers, they’re minions they can swallow anything this egotistical man in person of KKY throw at them.

Dr. Samura Kamara would make a good president, because he has the experience running big operations like the IMF, World Bank, ADB and knows what he is doing. Dr. Samura also knows how the public would react from experience, by making himself accessible to the ordinary people. He is also a better candidate than that of deceitful KKY and that of jobless swindler Ngor Maada Bio. Dr. Samura Kamara would make a great president, for our Country. Dr. Samura Kamara has Class; he has respect for people, he is also a great speaker; he is full of Dignity, he has handled himself well throughout his career as a public servant, not only in Sierra Leone but the world at large; He is Charming, women know what I; He is a man with great Patience, a clear justification of his patience is how he handled himself in the just concluded APC convention where he emerged as the Presidential candidate of the APC party and the ultimate successor to President Koroma; This man knows how to handle the most aggressive/hostile people on earth without showing anger (he is a symbol of serenity). He revealed the true heart and embodiment of a Sierra Leonean, (Love for all). Dr. Samura Kamara is the right man for the job, he will get things done and continue the good developmental programs of President Koroma. Tolongbo!!!

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