Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Former Hon. Leonard Logus Koroma, Diaspora Coordinator Is Back In Diaspora Politics Bringing More Problems Than Solutions?


By Arolyn I. Koroma

(Photo: Hon. Leonard Balogun Logus Koroma)

Hon. Logos Koroma is endowed with relentless courage, he is industrious and dynamic. He is also a visionary, but above all he has a profound knowledge of diaspora issues. It was these unique attributes that propelled his appointment as Diaspora Coordinator. He dominated the diaspora politics for five painful and treacherous years of his ten years in the Earnest B. Koroma administration. Hon. Logus Koroma was viewed as one who understood Diaspora problems more than any officials and more so, because he was closer to the former president Ernest B. Koroma more than the vice presidents.

Honorable Logus Koroma is the primary Adviser to Hon. Dr. Foday Osman Yanssaneh, Secretary General of the APC, because he understood all diaspora burning issues. The Secretary General hardly ever take any hard decision regarding Diaspora without his knowledge. After all the damage he had caused, he now parades the Diaspora political theater giving populist statements and speeches that makes sense only to himself. And I quote “when is Washington Metropolitan Chapter holding their Fundraising Event?” he actually meant when are they going to have their Presidential Election, as if he was not part of the convention and elections cancellation decision making.
There was a systemic phobia in the previous administration regarding Diaspora. Hon. Logus Koroma in his capacity as 2018 General Election Coordinator, he was to protect Diaspora interests. He was however, supposed to stand up for Diaspora issues but he was muted. Many current decisions now affecting Diaspora were made under the direct advises from Logus Koroma, including the ‘Dual-Citizenship or Double-Sim’.
It was meant to hurt only the Diaspora politicians, which in turn hurt those who invoked the hateful demonic law. The ‘Double-sim’ issue currently destroyed the APC party more than the Diaspora population that it was intended to hurt as we now see the parliamentary representative composition. .
The Secretariat frustrated democracy in diaspora satellites, the super ATM machine should hurry up and make money and send it to Freetown, Logus Koroma’s  coded question mplied.  He understands fully wellH that Hon. Dr. Yanssaneh had cancelled all Elections, including APC-USA convention and election, in the secretariat’s effort to keep Chairman Unisa Kanu. A chairman whose only fundraising event was his inauguration about four years ago. Chairman Kanu killed the progressional growth of the most populous and vibrant APC-USA Branch.
The cancellation decision happened in the mist of interested Aspirants who can uphold the ideals of the party especially in its present state. The Secretariat’s decision was made at a time when the APC Party needed funds the most, but yet the Secretariat prefer to keep an inefficient administration in the APC-USA.
The Secretariat should and must hold the values and ideologies which are so dare to the party, which is democracy, but the home office and the Diaspora Coordinator are trampling on those values which hold the party together in all the Diaspora satellites: the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Germany, Gambia ECT.
The Canada Branch had already set a date to hold their Convention and Elections. APC-USA Branch’s Aspirants had started campaigning. One might ask, do these officers have the party’s financial interest at heart? Many wonders. In all his public appearances, Hon. Logus Koroma cultivated irrational statements that produces miniscule positive impact to his audiences at every gathering as he rationalizes the long road to opposition status.
Hon. Logus Koroma was the orchestrator of all the painful laws against diaspora. They selfishly invoked the archaic nebulous laws out of a narrow view and calculated intent to rid of potential Diaspora parliamentarians thus, the Dual Citizenship/Double Sim was introduced. The disastrous short sightedness and hateful action boomeranged to its champions who thought they were invisible. Its catastrophic effect leaves an everlasting pain in the party supporter’s psychic. Yes, indeed, it proved to be a vital weapon to prevent diaspora politician’s from obtaining parliamentary symbols, but at what cost to the party?
Honorable Logus Koroma was a participant to the cancellation of APC-USA Convention and free and fair Elections in their combine effort to keep what is, at the expense of the progress which shall benefit the party. All was done in the interest of a bias and narrow view of preventing progress against keeping an ineffective administration in APC-USA and elsewhere.
The instrumentalization of the Selection Process in our Election process and the injection of the double-sim (Dual Citizenship) were instilled out of selfishness. It was an action that was made specifically  for the diaspora politician population to be ostracize and leave them out of the General Election process after they had spent all their bank savings in America, Canada, England, and Germany ECT. It is a historic bitter pill to swallow by those who woke up the sleeping catastrophic law.
In retrospect, Diaspora chapter presidents are equally culpable, because they always vote with a narrow mind-set. “What is there for me? While leaving the bigger picture, that is, the interests of those chapter members whose interests they represent. The Chapter presidents usually don’t utilize their God’s given unique thinking process, but vote in favor to dispense funds to a Parent Institution that always view Diaspora as nothing, but a good ATM (money dispensing machine) The administration perceive Diaspora with contempt and no respect. The administration was good at inflecting intractable political pain to their diaspora supporters, of which the APC-USA Chapter Presidents are part of the problem, rather than the solution. Diaspora Satellites need Chairmen, who are capable of negotiating  for Diaspora’s financial contributions benefit. And brings back respect in the form of Government setting aside positions which are for Diasporas only as we are currently seeing in the present ruling party.
Diaspora’s hard-earned financial contributions supposed to be a bargaining chip as oppose to the bonanza or free funds that we always give to Freetown with negative return. Above and beyond, Diaspora are foreigners in their own country-“Double-Sim/Dual Citizen”
The negotiated arrangements must be a must the next time around. The Secretariat must stop viewing Diasporas as Tractors and Bulldozers that are only needed when the roads are deeply rough, and are banned from enjoying the finished paved roads.
The current Parliamentarians must shed the phobia, and be courageous, bold and determine to move pertinent parliamentary motions to rectify the damages of the Dual Citizens.
In all of Diaspora problems, Hon.Logus Koroma was either the architect of all the painful rules against Diaspora, or he is third in line to support them. He attends every issue that came to his desk, except Diaspora issues. First and foremost, he made himself the most difficult individual to see by Diaspora officials or simply party contributors, who have from minor complains to major concerns. Any Diaspora visit to his office is a nightmare, because one will fill many forms and wait outside for hours, in the end, his secretary will tell you that the minister had left the office two hours ago. Majority of the ministers. especially those from Diaspora took Security course 101, which is to learn to sneak through the office back door.
Through Hon. Logus Koroma’s watch his Eastern sister Madam Diana Konomani seized and re-sold many Diasporas purchased (Real Estate) lands in Freetown. Is that the work our hard-earned money that we contribute to the Secretariat supposed to pay Diaspora? Hon. Logus and Lady Diana Konomani’s inflicted pain to Diaspora are often shared or discussed in Chapter meetings. (We can give them many names of Diaspora that they both  had  victimized). Are the diaspora supporters stupid, I will say yes, some Diaspora are dirt stupid to continue dishing out our ATM cash with no benefit to us?
Diaspora’s collectively believe and are deeply concern for the cancelled Convention and Chairmanship Elections is the work of Logus Koroma. Hon. Logus knows what is needed in APC-USA in other to have a vibrant and progressive Branch, because as coordinator, he spends more time in the United States than Secretary General, Dr. Foday O. Yanssaneh. As a result, Logus Koroma should have been the first to have opposed the idea and advice the Secretary General to up-hold the on-going momentum as Aspirants had already started emerging and declaring their intentions to run for both APC-USA and Chapter level positions. However, in all of Logus Koroma’s speeches in his many appearances, he never mention Diaspora’s delayed or cancelled Convention and Elections of a Chairman, which will immensely help the APC Party by boosting its financial coffers. This was an unjustified APC-USA Chairmanship election cancellation decision, and it affect all the satellites that had not had their conventions. Diaspora has many capable leaders, but the Freetown administration, out of shortsightedness wishes to impose on diaspora, or keep what is at the expense of a new vibrant, intelligent and visionary individuals who will add value to the most populous Branch and again move the branch into financially enviable satellite.
The diaspora are now the only Satellites with enormous growth potential to act as the party’s future financier. But the Secretariat is less worry about the financial concern and viability of the organization. This move to keep an inept and inefficient APC-USA Chairman Unisa Kanu injects a financial debacle, as he and his eighty-seven (87) officials had not been able to conduct a meaningful Fundraising event for three years and going. The funds going to Freetown are chapters contributed funds. That will lead one to ask, why do APC-USA have a Branch and a Chairman? Can Hon. Logus Koroma, Diaspora Coordinator answer that Question?
The stopping of Diaspora Convention and Election is a threat to Diaspora Democracy in all the APC Satellites, and Diaspora resent the “Bias Based Selection Proces.
 Arolyn I. Koroma
Editor-in-Chief, the Bai Bureh Times

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