Thursday, October 17, 2019

Former Vice President Alj. Dr. Sam Sumana and the Port Loko Saga

“Alhaji Sam Sumana should know better”  …Citizens speak on latest Port Loko fracas

Police have confirmed to AYV that they prevented opposition leader Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana and ‘an illegal crowd’ of hundreds of supporters from entering Port Loko on Sunday 16th June 2019 because they failed to seek police clearance to do so.

Sam Sumana is sacked former vice president of Sierra Leone and current Leader of the Coalition for Change (C4C) party. Past Sunday, he set out to visit Port Loko town to watch a football match between Bai Bureh Warriors of Port Loko town and the Freetown-based FC Johansen on a friendly match at the Old Port Loko Mini Stadium when he and his entourage were prevented from entering the township.

Being a former vice president and head of Police Council, Sam Sumana should by now know that it is totally wrong and illegal to lead such crowd to without first getting police clearance to do so.

Other news outlets reported that one Sergeant Paul Hassan Turay, spokesperson for the Police in the North-west region said police got intelligence of a planned political procession along the Pot Loko Highway and that they had not received any prior information authorizing such.

Turay said when the intelligence reached the AIG northwest, he consulted with the Deputy Inspector General of Police who ordered them to prevent the politician from entering.

Reports say Sam Sumana and entourage made all attempts to enter into the township using the three major entry points but to no avail as all were barricaded by the police.

Sumana and team were left with no option but to walk their way leaving behind the vehicles and as they walk, more people joined them and the crowd grew bigger behind Sam Sumana to a point that the police became displeased and advised them to disperse.

Reports say the crown refused to obey police advice and start throwing stones and insults on the police. This according to reports, left the police with no option but to chase them out with teargas canisters.

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