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Government and the Hon. Alhaji I. B. Kargbo Vindicated of Wrong-Doing in the Lebanon Garbage/Trash Issue.

January 30, 2016

It will be quite unnatural of me if I were not deeply concerned about the SLPP/proxy Confused Sierra Leoneans’ vigorous effort in their smear tactics campaign and propaganda in poisoning the minds of the Sierra Leone populace, who are relaxed in their 21st century political thinking. I will like to shed much light to the issue which the SLPP and its surrogate, Confused Sierra Leoneans (CSL) believed will guarantee them valid points in the coming General Election. The SLPP/CSL now believed that they had succeeded in smearing the government of Dr. Ernest B. Koroma regarding th e Lebanese GARBAGE/trash topic which is a farce.

I would have revealed these facts long before this time, but I was occupied in meeting manuscripts submissions to both my publisher and to the U. S. Pulitzer Prize Award Organization, of which I am a competitor for my third text book “The Adventure of Bai Bureh of Sierra Leone”.

This is why I was not in position to debunk or expose the proxy CSL fabricated lies that the Hon. Ibrahim B. Kargbo and the APC administration are making a deal with a Lebanese Company to bring REFUSE/TRASH and DUMP it into Sierra Leone’s international waters. It is all propaganda at its best, because the lies sticks in the minds of our most educated population’s voters. An administration that has work so hard to develop the nation and invested so much to improve the lives of its people cannot be so wicked as to intentionally cause health hazard to its population. The successful misinformation started from the opposition moles embedded in the ruling governments’ establishment. Hon. Alhaji I.B. Kargbo is a patriotic politician, who loves his country and has honorably served it in various capacities with excellence. Thus, bringing anything as harmful as foreign trash/garbage to hurt his people will never exist in his mind.

In mid 2012, I was called by Dr. David Kargbo, PhD. (Environmental Scientist), who is a Professor at the Temple University in Philadelphia in the United States. Temple University is among the first ten most recognize universities among probably 10, 000 universities in the United States. Dr. David Kargbo patented (invented) the technology to produce energy (electricity) using GARBAGE (TRASH). He conducted his experiment and provided electricity to a large area of Philadelphia in 2010, under the financial sponsorship of Temple University. Many countries scientists came to witness his invention at work. After the successful showcasing of his invention, I visited him at his home in New Jersey. He showed me a lot of news papers write-ups on his invention, after his successful exhibition show.
Few months later, China, Japan and Norway, among the few I can now remember. These countries invited him to go and establish facilities of operation. He called me and mailed copies of the letters of invitations from the above mentioned countries. We discussed lengthily his way forward either to honor his invitations to go to foreign countries or go to Sierra Leone and set-up energy Power Company. With his wife Sallay Kargbo’s contribution, we finally concluded that he should go home and contribute in nation building.

His primary concern was how can he secure enough GARBAGE/TRASH) to run the company. His plan B was he has to rely heavily on working with the Ministry of Agriculture, because importing GARBAGE/TRASH will be possible, but it might be quite expensive. His most concern and first project was to give light to the city he grew up which is Freetown. Nonetheless, he stressed again and again his fear of taking all his family savings to go and help his country, but he might probably end up spending all his savings without even being able to set-up his company. Finally, with our encouragement Dr. Kargbo and family agreed to give it a try.

I wrote two (2) articles regarding his company which will utilize the GARBAGE/TRASH to produce electricity for Freetown. I sent my articles directly to the State House and some were printed by local news papers I can still recall. Dr. Kargbo (NGO), who is also my in-law, went to Freetown on a feasibility study and set-up his company. I was out of the picture and I received no updates while he spent two years exploring.
When I saw and read the State House Garbage/Trash saga, I called him on January 18, 2016, because I thought he was part of the Lebanon based Energy Company.

Dr. David Kargbo was surprised to learn about the Lebanon based power company’s involvement regarding a company using GARBAGE which he once ventured to establish in his country and failed. He explained to me that he tried working with the ministry of Agriculture. He submitted his letter of intent (LOI) and a proposal to some government officials he believed can propel his enthusiasm to reality in giving electricity light to Freetown. He couldn’t see or talk to the president, he told me. But he was informed that the government cannot work with him, rather the government cannot fund his proposal.

Dr. Kargbo was disappointed and finally abandoned the project, but he was still determined to contribute in Nation building and he established another company called Enviroone, which could be accessed by visiting his website www.enviroone.org. He is currently engaged in assisting Sierra Leoneans in Rural Area (villages) in micro-financing, constructing state of the art wells in villages and he is running a huge agricultural farm, which supplies every imaginable farm produce to Freetown. His company has distributed millions of dollars to hundreds of Sierra Leoneans in micro-financing. He was to start collecting from his borrowers when the Ebola Virus ravaged the nation and he returned to the United States. He left for Freetown on January 21, 2016.

The above clearly explained the fact that a Lebanon based company was trying to establish an Energy/Electricity Producing Company in Freetown and not to Bring Back Ebola or Dump the Trash in Sierra Leone international waters. Those who have taken credit in discrediting President Ernest B. Koroma and the Hon. Alhaji Ibrahim Kargbo have miserably failed in propagating their hateful propaganda. The trash/garbage was not to be dumped in Sierra Leone waters or to further infest our country with the Ebola virus as many were led to believe.
It was a letter of intent (LOI) which the Lebanese Company which intended to establish electricity company the likes of Dr. Kargbo that sparked the controversy.

The problem the APC Government is encountering is there are many opposition (moles) embedded operatives within the government offices, who are selling classified information to the opposition. After I heard Hon. I. B. Kargbo in various interviews he had. He mentioned that the letter of intent was sent in an email, and I have no doubt that the moles accessed the email which they read, but cannot understand or decode the message, and they simply concluded that the garbage/trash was to be dumped in Sierra Leone’s sea waters. It was a blatant fabrication of the truth in other to discredit the government and the Hon. Alhaji Ibrahim Kargbo.

The people of (Makeni) constituency 030 are to be applauded upon the exercise of their sound judgment in electing the experienced, dynamic and loyal Hon. I. B. Kargbo as their representative. The manner in which he delivered his answers in his interrogations was most impressive and convincing after being professionally framed with an official government letterhead and a professionally forged signature. The Hon. I.B. Kargbo’s answers were direct, clear and credible. The moles, SLPP and their proxy Confused Sierra Leoneans group twisted a very simple issue and turned it to a complex issue. The GARBAGE/TRASH that was to be brought to Sierra Leone by the Lebanon based Power or Electricity Company was to be used for the production of electricity as required by the process to generate ELECTRICITY LIGHT for the city of Freetown.

A new politician who is not a seasoned politician will not have survived what the Hon. I. B. Kargbo had endured. We must applaud both President Dr. Ernest Koroma and Hon. Kargbo for their sincere outspoken and courageous response on the Garbage issue for their refusal to succumb to the mob hysteria. Because, it is all a propaganda by the opposition who is aggressively searching for something to hang on to for elections gains.

Arolyn I. Koroma, Editor-in-Chief & Author.
GOTO: www.thebaiburehtimes.com

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