Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Hon. Dauda Tombo Bangura, the Politician Who Set the Pace for Others to Follow

By Arolyn I. Koroma

For a politician to decide not to decide at crucial moments is a political suicide. In the other hand, to decide and make a decisive decision at a defining moment is noble, and so was the Hon. Dauda Tombo Bangura. He is a classic role model. His political career began in 1977, when he became Youth President for Freetown East 3, which is now divided into 7 political enclaves. He later participated in the formation of the PMDC Party, and he became one of its high ranking officials..

The Hon. Dauda Tombo Bangura’s early return to his former party, the All People’s Congress Party (APC) qualified him as a pace setter for other politicians who followed his footsteps. He is a man of better temperament, patient and seldom do we see a man of his caliber. Hardly do we see him get upset although the Lord knows; he must have had a ton of aggravations at times in the no holes- bar North American political theater, where every political player is fair-game.

He contested for the leadership of his party, the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC), but he lost to the incumbent leader the Honorable Charles Margai. That unsuccessful leadership bid’s experience allowed him to re-asses his future in the PMDC party that he was once committed to, and once loved. The answer he arrived at after reassessing his future in the PMDC’s political arena produced significant doubts, as to what the future holds for him and his many followers.

To this end, the maverick politician decided to plot a new trajectory that will best suit him and his supporters. The decision he arrived at left no doubt in his mind that he should exit his party of many years. Because, it was not only to better himself, but also his supporters and for the benefit of the nation. Hon. Dauda T. Bangura believed that together they will be able to make a significantly contribute in the nation building. Consequently, he has reached a point of no return, and the savvy politician immediately called his membership at the PMDC party, a wrap.

He did not only return to the APC Party by himself, but he did it in grand style by bringing seasoned politicians from the country’s fourteen (14) national electorates. He brought six hundred and fifty (650) ardent followers, including some executives of the PMDC party, who were without a doubt, like minded and foresighted politicians. Among them were: Sylvester Swarray and Agnes Kumba Dugba-Macauley, both from the United Kingdom’s branch, Sidie Yaya Tunis, an executive member from the United States branch, Festus Kpukumu, Pujehun, Secretary, Western Region from the Bo branch, Sahr K. Foyoh, who represented the Southern Region,Abdul Kanu (Sorbeh) organizing Secretary, N. Region, Lamin Vonjo-Ngobeh of Kailahun, the Hon. Rebecca Conteh, who was the former PMDC Women’s’ Leader, Tonkolili, The PMDC Chairlady of Kenema, Harold Hanciles of Bo, then chairman of East Region, Chief Mohamed Benson Suwu Eastern Region, David Kekura, Organizing Secretary, Eastern Region, Kenema and Haja Yapeteh Saccoh, Women’s Leader, of Port Loko, Northern Region, to name a few.

It was a Magic number (650) that no politician has been able to equal or surpass. These new switch-over’s’ are determined to move the party forward and backward never. They had a huge and committed following that made a big difference on the November 2012 General Election.

In 2012, Hon. Dauda Tombo Bangura was appointment by then APC Party Secretary General Hon. Victor Foh, as the Party’s International Fundraising Director (PIFD) in APC-USA. The appointment matched his educational background as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). This appointment came as no surprise to most party Stewarts. His term of services in the United States has significantly prepared him for higher political undertakings.
Hon. D.T Bangura stayed active, focus and committed to his Washington Metropolitan Chapter and APC-USA satellite affairs. He preached on the president’s agenda for prosperity and change. Among his many financial participation is the Diaspora Chapters Membership Identification Card making machine purchase, and the Ebola Virus Diaspora financial assistance. He, interim chairman Ibrahim S. Kamara and Joseph Bobson Kumara (Chairmanship Aspirant) contributed quite significantly.

He foresaw an energetic President Koroma moving his party to stardom and so far his predictions continue to overwhelm his critics. He commissioned a life-size burst of President Dr. Ernest B. Koroma at the Lumley Round-About in Freetown. It was there, that he predicted an easy walk-over on SLPP in the November 2012 elections.
Two and a half years later, his colleagues were convinced of his telepathy capacity. He is a pace setter of a different kind, and they followed his foot step in record numbers. Among the big names that later crossed-over to join the All People’s Party (APC) in the nation building were; Professor Richard M’bayo, Late Lieutenant Tom Nyuma, Ambassador John Ernest Leigh, Lansana Fadika, Yaya Kamara, Usman Boye Kamara, and the list continues to grow. These new members’ zeal and their devotion to their new party, the APC have no limits.

Hon. Dauda Bangura stands as a shining example of a politician whose leadership has been tested, and he came out with impressive results. He rendered faithful, efficient and inconspicuous, but inviolable service to the APC-USA satellite. The Honorable Dauda Tombo Bangura’s political U-turn and his manpower contribution to the APC party are frozen in time. We have yet, to see a politician who would surpass him, as he still wears his classic undisputed political contribution’s badge of honor. His tireless effort, unfading loyalty to his party can only be parallel. Hon. D. T. B believes that in politics, it is not what I would have done, but he can boast of his contribution to the nation building and what he did to improve humanity.

Arolyn I. Koroma, Editor-in-Chief.
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