Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Is APC-USA National Branch With its Eighty-Five Executives Set-Up to Fail Again this Time Around?

By Arolyn I. Koroma

History is about to repeat itself in the APC-USA National, which is also known as the 5th estate. For approximately twenty years, its executive official’s numerical aggregate was between twenty-three officials or below. The branch was trouble free for thirteen years out of twenty years of enjoyed relative peace. We had less chaos for the most part, because the most populous branch was left to manage its own affairs and with it came accountability and transparency during the Hon. Alimamy Kargbo’s tenure of office. The two short-lived administrations were simply disagreement between elected officials and the chapter’s presidents

The selection of a well articulated and brilliant Chairman, who was hailed as a peace maker turned out to be farfetched. He fumbled and failed to deliver good governance after he failed to give an account of six thousand ($ 6,000.00) dollars within five months into his two year term of administration. This failure by default stripped him off his chairmanship power. He never recovered and never regained the trust of the Branch membership to rule the most populous satellite in the Diaspora. The Branch membership requested a simple financial report to know how their funds were being managed, but the requests were rebuffed with gallant show of force. Such, reluctance was the end of the beginning as it was met with massive response by the Branch’s brutal media and membership.

The problem triggered the cessations and breaking-away of eleven chapters out of thirteen chapters in the Branch at that time, including the formation of the Maryland Chapter. During these chaotic periods the branch only had the Chairman and his executive, including the thirteen chapter presidents which made up of about twenty-three (23) maximum elected officials. This period went into the record books as the saddest period in the APC-USA politics. The Chairman hardly had a chapter to rule. It all happened because of six thousand dollars which he failed to give account of in four years. Membership drives and fundraising came to a stand-still except for Washington, D.C and the Philadelphia chapter which managed to stage about three functions in four years.

With this problem the party secretariat intervened since Diaspora for four (4) years was in disarray and cannot manage its own affairs. His Excellency Dr. Ernest B. Koroma sent a delegation to come and do a selection of an interim Chairman and hence, brought the able chairman Ibrahim Sanpha Kamara, who sustained two (2) years of relative peace with the thirteen original Chapters on board.

The Wusum Times online newspaper Editor Umaru Jalloh’s leading revelation in early April 2017 of a semblance of misappropriation of APC-USA National funds of seventeen thousand ($17,000) which was handed over by the previous APC-USA National administration, four thousand dollars ($4,000) from New York (meet President E. B. Koroma) and the collected funds from the Atlanta inauguration in March 18, 2017. The revelation which is yet in its infancy stage of investigation is telling us that people don’t learn. APC Branch’s money is membership’s money and it is the APC Party’s money. It does not belong to certain individuals. Transparency and accountability must be the commitment of its custodians, and the administration must not wait to be asked under pressure to give a salient financial report about the people’s money. (APC Money Na all contributing members money).It must not be shared by few individuals without proper accounting, which will bring a semblance of systemic embezzlement. “As it is, many Diasporas politics historians think that the recent selection of officials could only be seen as the most populous Branch in Diaspora Branches is set up for failure”.

Today, the APC Party’s secretariat in Freetown has increased the total maximum number of officials from twenty-three (23) to eighty-five (85) selected port folioed officials and still counting. This increase baffled not only historian spectators of Diaspora politics, but also the newly elected Chairman Unisa I. B. Kanu, who is stunned and overwhelmed. Chairman Kanu now has an administration where 90% don’t know what to do in their respective assigned positions. As a result, they bump heads at every turn and in every meeting. Nobody rightly knows his or her job description. Will such Freetown manufactured parliament for APC-USA National stand the test of time, or merely set- up the Branch for failure of the second-coming?

The APC Party secretariat in Freetown to mimic a Parliament in Diaspora is easy as the intention was noble. The exercise was meant to add value to the party, but it is hard to imagine how the means shall justify the end. If formally 23 elected officials exhibited chaos of unimaginable proportion, can you imagine what 85 portfolio holders can do? Now it seemed Freetown has massed crabs in a bucket, wherein each crab tries to climb at the top of the other in other to out- shine the others. Such moves will solicits repeated fracas and will soon confront reality of the branch’s unintentional set-up to fail.

Indeed, every participating politician has a political need which he yearned to be fulfilled, and the issuance and acceptance of imitation parliamentarian portfolios increased the expectation of something bigger. However, members do not realize that accepting these portfolios exposed members to criticisms, ridicules, you name it. This is politics at the higher height in APC-USA. Let it be known that you have all worn President Koroma’s shoes, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Hon. Logus Koroma and so forth, who faces criticisms day in and day out. Meaning you have the option to either resign from your position or act responsibly, and ensure accountability and transparency to reign. Everyone who had accepted these positions are expected to be able to with stand the heat, because our Diaspora media is well and alive and can sometimes be very brutal. (Consult your predecessors who had experienced the worse). But the million dollars question which vibrate is, is APC-USA Nation again set-up for failure for the second coming?

Arolyn I. Koroma, Editor-in-Chief, www.thebaiburehtimes.com & Author (of 3 text books): Sofia, Brima Falla and Bai Bureh-Publisher, Amazon and Book Stores.

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