Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Is it true that The APC USA Branch was created by the APC Secretariat in Freetown in order to become a family farm for the APC Secretariat in Freetown?


By Umaru Jalloh

Is it true that The APC USA Branch was created by the APC Secretariat in Freetown in order to become a family farm for the APC Secretariat in Freetown? Anyone who feels hungry for cash at the Secretariat in Freetown will just pick up the phone and cry to Unisa Kanu for help. APC Members in the Diaspora have seen the APC Secretariat in Freetown becoming hungry for money every now and then, and demanding from the various APC chapters in the Diaspora for contributions, while the Secretariat keeps imposing on the Diaspora the silly and disgraceful Two Sim system on all the Diaspora populace. The Two Sim issue must be irradiated from the APC constitution and the entire Diaspora members must stop shipping their hard sweats Dollars to Pa Yansaneh and others. It makes no sense to see these people using the APC USA as a piggy bank of the APC Secretariat in Freetown. The APC USA must demand a new and fresh leadership in the United States and try to save every dollar in it coffer. It must not become a gold mine for the APC Secretariat Hostlers in Freetown. Those so-called chapter presidents must now learn their lesson that Pa Yansaneh and others don’t care about the APC USA existence but only in search of its money. The APC Secretariat and its so-called higher officials do not take the branch as a serious entity they love the APC USA money and despise their members. Presently the APC USA Branch is being led by a bunch of narrow-minded individuals with little or no political experience. The APC Secretariat and Pa Yansaneh have classified the entire branch to be a bunch” of FULLMONKOHS” and have no use of the branch money. Pa Yansaneh and others always select the most inept and dormant people in the entire Diaspora to lead the Branch. He searches for people who have no leadership skills to be on the forefront. When they are in need of money, they mount the pressure on those Bootlickers. The Branch has been declared to be just a separate entity overcrowded with “YES YES PEOPLES” and bootlickers with little or no political experience. Are APC USA members so naïve to allow crooks from Freetown to play the fool on them, dressed them up with fake promises? Yes indeed, they did it before the last presidential elections and they will be ready to do it again, if they are allowed. APC USA must stand for its freedom and Justice by keeping its funds. Are APCUSA members not tired of those people fooling them all the time? They introduced the Two Sim after taking their hard money to help the APC party and lost the presidential elections through their poor political performance and crookest means at home. I have seen no reason this Branch should spend a dime on those crooks in Freetown, the Branch needs to keep its funds. The Secretariat is not there to help any APC USA member, they all have become Hostlers in search of APC USA Dollars. Pa Yansaneh has just instructed his puppets for a massive contribution from each chapter. What happened with those former ministers who served under the APC government, I mean those at home? What kind of financial help the APC party at home receives from them? Those people had the best of the APC party. The Diaspora APC Branch was treated like a bunch of fools. Friends and foes think twice before sending a nickel to Freetown, our demands must be met. The last money sent to pa Yansaneh was used by the chairman with his cronies to block the APC USA Diaspora elections. It makes no sense to keep supplying money to those crooks there. We have nothing to gain under the present leadership here in the Diaspora. Our freedom and democracy have been traded for money by the present leadership. The only way to redeem those freedoms and democracy is to stop shipping our dollars to Pa Yansaneh or clean the APC USA swamp. That would be the message they would be able to understand. Say to the APC Secretariat no end to the Two Sim and no money for Pa Yansaneh and others. Editorial Page by the Voice of Peace.


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