Thursday, October 17, 2019

Mercenary Company Topples Transport Owners In Sierra Leone

Bagla-Hills…London Mining Conspires

A French Company operating in the country has been described by many Sierra Leoneans as a constituted group of French Business Mercenaries with the principal aim and anxiety of ripping the country apart and destroying the future and livelihoods of a number Sierra Leoneans engaged in transportation business. Already a foreign Company in the business of iron ore has been dragged into the Company’s fold and now turning it like a baby in a cut. London Mining Company has found itself in the wrapper of the French Mercenary Company called Bollore and now exploiting it to the best of its ability. Using vehicles owned by Sierra Leoneans, London Mining Company has dismissed business ethics and married to Bollore, because few of its local and international operators are  benefiting from the proceeds of its operations in Sierra Leone, leaving the actual owners of the vehicles in a state of perturb and frustration.

Bollore, the French Mercenary Company operating in Sierra Leone has a chequered business history, but the pioneers of this Company to Sierra Leone have discountenanced it for personal benefits. Prior to its emergence and operations in the country, reports alleged that one of its frontrunners bagged the sum of US$1,000.000 (One Million Dollars in commission).

As if that was not enough, 40% shares were allocated to four of the frontrunners, while the Company is left with 60% shares. Mr. Abu Bangura is the Chairman of the Country’s National Commission for Privatization (NCP), whose functions are not limited to the doctrine and principles of privatization, but many. It is becoming clearer that since his appointment as Chairman of the National Commission for Privatization, most Sierra Leoneans are not happy, for reasons that could either be interpreted by him or those that have entertained mixed feelings about the modus operandi of his administration.

Bollore is now perceived as a French Business Mercenary Group showcased itself as a Port Management Company and was contracted by the Sierra Leone Government under dubious arrangement to transform the Country’s Port into an international standard. Since its arrival, there is not much that can be reported in terms of standards and maintenance of the Sierra Leone Ports Authority. Its focus and priority is how to make money at the detriment of Sierra Leoneans and the Government.

In a letter dated 26th July, 2013 a group of Sierra Leoneans whose rights have been trampled upon by Bollore in connivance with a handful of people with insatiable desire for wealth, characterized by selfishness and egocentrism have forwarded a strongly worded letter to the Chief of Staff regarding the manner of operation of Bollore, that has switched its operation from a Port developer to a transporter. What seems provocative, and a complete irony of the President Agenda for prosperity is the chameleon color of Bollore in league with London Mining to strip the group of Sierra Leonean transporters to not only a class of fools and underdogs in their country of birth but arm twisting them to accept pittances, while Bollore and its money-hungry- backers are bagging the lion share.

The letter authored by the National Secretary General of the Indigenous Transport Owners Association (ITOA), reminded the Chief of Staff of an earlier statement made by him when he was Minister of Trade,  Industry and Enterprises, which reads thus “All enterprises operating business in any sector in Sierra Leone including but not limited to banking, insurance, transportation, construction, catering and legal matter shall retain only the services of Sierra Leonean service providers whose firms are registered and located in Sierra Leone…” The Minister, now Chief of Staff may have forgotten those words which are not ordinary but seen as a policy statement that should be giving priority and respected.

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