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Political Loyalty Must Be A Two-Way

October 21,, 2019

By Arolyn Koroma

We are deeply indebted to the Minnesota Chapter membersip for taking time out of the Diaspora’s: (London, Germany,, Gambia, Ireland), hypocracy to take the Noble lead in standing up for something that is fairly and rightly Diaspora Satellites’.
These are Democracy, Covention/ Elections and the Respect our financial contributions should bring us is not something Diaspora shoul be begging for., we deserve It.

We are sure that Minesotta Chapter voiced the unanimous sentiments of Diaspora. We thank Minesotta for there bold contribution to a perplexing issue. The issue of the APC Party Secretariat viewing Diaspora ( APC-USA) only as an Automatic Money Making Machine (ATM).

The Deputy Secretary Mohamed C. Kabba’s example of Governor Cobbit of Philadelphia is baseless, irrational and fruitless with little or no correlation to the hard working Diaspora, because Governor Cobbit utilizes Philadelpha Government taxes. As a result, the end products are Roads and Bridges for the common good of tax payers.

Unfortunately Diaspora continue to voluntarily presents itself as Bulldozers that are only needed to clear the bushes. When the roads are clearly usable the bulldozers are prevented from benefiting from their hard labor. This is how Diaspora politicians are viewed in the APC Party.

The issues of the’ Double Citizenship/Double-Sim and Convention are issues that needs immediate attention before some
or sufficient Funds can be released. The political party’s Diaspora satellites can be very useful when the parent body view political loyalty as a two-way. Throughtout the world political financial contributions are tied to positions and other benefits coming back to financial donors.

The Freetown Secretariat fight against popular demand of holding conventions.
 The Diaspora population do not expect a financially depleted Fretown Secretariat to FUND Diaspora Conventions. Diaspora Chapters can fund their conventions. However, the secretariat ignoring this popular demand is due to an effort to keep a poppet (s) who add no value to the organization. Chairman Unisa Kanu Fight to stay a poppet in other to remain relevant to the poppet manufactorers in Freetown, who accepts him despite the financial suffrage of the troubled organization. Where are all the conspicious party’s financial tycoons.

The Secretariat must call a meeting to humbly ask the former cabinet ministers to open their hearts and wallets to Fund low cost District Bye-Elections in other to prevent further Bye-Elections loss. it is incombent upon former Cabinet Miniaters to answer the secretariat’s financial plead. It is only then that Diaspora Aspirants who does not receive refunds of their previous deposits for Parliamentary Symbuls can come in to fill the red ink, as one brilliant speaker in Minnesota stated “a eleven years ruliing party don’t go broke in one month”.

Where have all the party’s financial tycoons gone? The party hold them responsible for any further district election casualties or unacessary Bye-Election loss. The ineffictive, divide and rule boss Unisa Kanu must exit the APC-USA political stage as Chairman of the most vibrant and populous satellite, if the Branch is to exponentially grow to be able to address some of the party’s current financial needs.

Arolyn Koroma, Chief Editor & Author.
The Bai Bueeh Times

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