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President Beatrice Conteh, a Force to Reckon with

By Mary Adoga Koroma

July 15, 2015

Beatrice Conteh, President, Washington Metropolitan Chapter
President, Beatrice Conteh, President of the largest APC-USA Chapter, is a leader to reckon with.
Beatrice conteh was born in Makeni, Bombali District in Sierra Leone.
She came to the United States to further her education and she is quite successful in achieving her goals. She is a very positive and private woman.

When she took over the mantle of leadership of the Washington Metropolitan Chapter, from her predecessor, who raised the bar higher for others to follow her leadership style, many doubted her capacity to lead and excel. She is a leader with substance. Her uniqueness had made her stand out in a political theater that very few women had ventured. Many admired her leadership style. She is a team player, who believed in proactiveness.

Her administration is one of the finest in the APC-USA satellite. She had made history by aggressively boosting up the pride, moral and respect of what North America deserve by confronting her challenges that were ahead of her into a fruitful Endeavour.

In life it is not what happens to you that make a different. It is how you react into each circumstances you encounter that determines the result. In previous spontaneous demonstrations, she worked amicably with her Vice President Mr. Alfred Sesay, and the interim Chairman Mr. Ibrahim Sanpha Kamara. Her one week chapter mobilization produces what others will spent six months to organize.

Beatrice Conteh had made history for others to follow. Her style of reaching her constitutnts is quite unique. She has empowered her brothers and sisters to stand up and protect their political worldviews.
Many people admired her exceptional leadership by making people around her feel that, the APC-USA satellite is a family. She believes that fighting should be against the opposition and not within, because the APC is the party in power. And together we can make a huge difference.
Arolyn I. Koroma, Editor-in-Chief.

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