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President Dr. Ernest B. Koroma, the Washington Metropolitan Chapter membership Wish You and Your Administration a Happy New Year 2016

January 4, 2016

President Koroma, your administration did not disappoint Sierra Leoneans. Thus, our huge thanks to you for staying the course in good governance. You are a leader of a different breed. You are patriotic, endowed with loyalty and a vision that was never exhibited by any Sierra Leone leader. Your prophesies have stood the test of time. The recent by-elections results clearly proved you right.

It is approximately four years this month on January 21, 2016 (January 21, 2012-January 2016), when you spoke at the Brima Attouga Stadium in Freetown and you proclaimed in your own words and I quote “It is the people who will decide who will represent them in parliament, and in local government councils”. You said these words after you noticed some seasoned party members were already assuming leadership, which is a replica of the present atmosphere in Freetown, today.

You didn’t stop there, you went further to announce your administration’s accomplishments and again, I quote “the APC party has worked for the people of Sierra Leone. We are very proud of our record, and we are not going to turn back the clock, but forward only. Even the blind man in this country can see the nationwide development my administration has embarked upon. Only individuals who hate this country or, with hidden agenda can say otherwise. Those with hateful minds can criticize or would not support my governments’ efforts. It is on them”. You concluded. The truth stand for its self, you added. The audiences’ jubilation was overwhelming.

Indeed, after 54 years, there are individuals who never witnessed such progress in this nation of about six million and counting in population who are unappreciative. These self proclaimed critics’ intellect cannot process the fact that Freetown was for more than fifty years occupied by less than a million people.

After the rebel war, the nation’s capital alone rose to about three million in population, which is embedded with professional criminals. These saboteur activities resulted in Government revenue loss in the millions of dollars annually. In my opinion, this state, combined with other factors is making it difficult to electrify and institute an effective water pipe-borne system, even in the next ten years period. The problem is also increased by the new Real Estate tracks and homes construction everyday.

Despite these prevailing conditions, the APC Administration of Dr. Ernest B. Koroma has engaged on a massive nation wide road construction, which also complemented the defaced railway line. To mention the road constructions one after the other will dwarf the effort, thus, it sufficient to say that the entire nation is now motorable with western style Highways. An open minded individual will appreciate the developments. From Freetown to Bo, Kono, Kenema to Kailahun, Pujehun, ect. Freetown to Lunsar, Port Loko, Kambia, Makeni, Magburaka, Kabala and the list goes on.

Additionally, majority of these provincial cities can now boast of streets’ lights. Many of them also now have water-borne pipes, which supplies portable drinking water.

Sierra Leone offered a free health-care program to a cross section of its population, which reduced deaths in new born children. The program also helps the new mothers, as well. This is an exercise very few industrialized nations can boast of undertaking, due to the substantial financial subsidy the program required, but it is upheld in Sierra Leone.

Of course, President Ernest B. Koroma was first to note that national development nationwide is progression, rather a “step by step process”. There is a lot of improvement to be made in his administration’s effort to improve the lives of the populace.

Regarding your visionary and relentless effort to fulfill your promises to the voting population; you closed the year 2015, with an outstanding passing grade as the previously by- elections tells the story. Your leadership skills have been tested time and time again, and you always excel. Through your tenure in office, the party has significantly increased with politicians of high caliber. You must be proud of your successful two terms stewardship, which is unique and remarkable. From Washington, DC, we say thank you for a job well done.

At the height of a thriving ‘Koromamics’ economy, came the dreaded Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) which claimed the lives of many innocent people, and wreak-havoc the economy. The administration worked relentlessly to bring about normalcy (Ebola Free) in that catastrophic health issue.

There are less bright minded individuals who wanted to fit America into our tiny Sierra Leone; due to their lack of developed thought process; it is not because of hateful political thinking. They simply lack the understanding that where Sierra Leone is today in 2016, America was there in 1920. And no government can speed Sierra Leone; or Africa for that matter, to parallel with America in the next three hundred years.

Nobody understood that “national development of a country is a step by step process than the Sierra Leone tax-payers and voting population”. This is why present day critiquing is hot- air, as the All Peoples’ Congress Party (APC)) is poised to win yet, another two consecutive terms General elections with no interruption.
Again, our immense thanks go to our able President Dr. Ernest Koroma and his dynamic administration. We wish you a more successful administration in the coming years. Your diligent deeds and leadership skills speak louder than anything anybody can say.
Arolyn I. Koroma, Editor-in-Chief, Published Author & PRO, Washington, DC

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