Thursday, October 17, 2019



By Mahmud Tim Kargbo:

One of the biggest mistakes we are making as a country in the coming elections is we are taking a leader as someone with the best academic qualifications, exposure or number of international organisations he align himself with. This isn’t so true.

Our leaders continue to fail us because they are waging war against all democratic values. They know the powers of dictators fall immediately when the forces of democracy are together.

What we need to know is a leader has all the technocrats within the country to move it forward that’s why we refer to the civil servants as the formal sector of government. And that’s why the law clearly don’t tolerate them to actively involve in partisan politics. In fact, a leader can even hire foreign experts to put resources together to move the country forward.

All about leadership is about the heart, the level of empathy of the individual and his sincerity to move the country forward based on the national obligation of the leader.

So leadership isn’t about the qualifications of the individual. We need to know the difference before we mount serious criticisms.

Above all, in a situation where the leader deliberately ignore his national obligations to satisfy his self desire as its keep on happening here since independence to date, the Parliament, which is a very important organ of government, must robustly, but appropriately respond to fix the excesses of the President and where necessary even impeach him.

Unfortunately we aren’t seeing this happening in Sierra Leone because Parliamentarians aren’t sincere to the national cause themselves. Hence we continue to see rogue bills and approvals of people with questionable characters smoothly going through what is supposed to be the vetting system of Parliament as long as a specific bill or appointee is in the interest of the President.

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