Friday, April 16, 2021

Serious Question Armchair Critics Should Be Asking Instead of Making Baseless Criticisms About Government


How many Sierra Leoneans are willing to take jobs in the fields harvesting the vegetables we all are so desperate to have? How many born Sierra Leoneans are willing to take on day laborer jobs in the construction industry? How many born Sierra Leoneans are willing to do domestic work for the “privileged” few that can afford household help? Seriously people WAKE UP! Our hardworking President and his government are what keeps this nation going without any meaningful commitment/impact from these so called armchair critics; food is government, clean houses is government, jobs is government, ask yourself what have you done in your own little way to compliment the effort of the government: water, light, infrastructures, medical bills is government, they want everything to be free without working hard to attain it; instead they are making baseless criticism that lacks any sense of purpose, without having any meaningful contributions towards the State.

(Sierra Leoneans) Ever think about doing a story on positive things concerning Our Country, our number one gentleman and its government? or his administration. It is all hateful, character assaults, rants; (from few misguided and desperate Sierra Leoneans trying to score cheap political capital).

Can you imagine where we would be with Our dynamic President’s Agenda; if underminers, sabotages, hypocrites, had not dug in their heels and implemented a plan to obstruct everything – even to pay their taxes they see it as not part of citizens responsibility; Most of these armchair critics. They writes unsubstantiated assumptions and talk bogusly and they make baseless claims just to get unnecessary attention without them doing anything in their little corners to improve their lives and their communities they are living.

Can you imagine how it would be if they put Country over their anger and frustration for their own selfish interests? Or they’re making such blind criticism because they seemed not to like our dynamic President who has always step up with dignity and respect.

If they looked at what’s happening to our economy – The economy is back to its footing after the deadly virus, hundreds of thousands of jobs are coming back to our Country, through the hard work and persistence of our great president and his government. (NASSIT; RETIREMENT funds) are given on time and to the direct beneficiaries. Infrastructural development which is one of footprint of this workaholic government, building housing for people in need at complete fast pace.

YET – from their own words – (naysayers, underminers, and obstructionist) they had ONE priority – it was to make him a fail President! They have never denied it – in fact they’re bragging about it. (Its pathetic few Sierra Leoneans always wish bad to happen to their President and the Nation all in the name of scoring cheap political capital.)

They are always in such a free fall downward spiral – yes – did they care – NO! (Because they never wish good things to happen to our Country, because of politics) We thank they lost – and THAT was the most important thing; they would never smell that seat of power, with such political desperation.

Why can’t they think optimistically as a Sierra Leonean devoid of partisan interests.
The APC government led by His Excellency Dr Ernest Bai Koroma is redistricting in ALL the Provinces, by giving equal share and protection to every Sierra Leonean. I believe every right thinking Sierra Leonean should embrace such leadership direction by our First gentleman of our Nation. Gods willing we gonna get these traitors OUT! And shame them in public.

Our dynamic President would always Stay strong. The bulk of right-thinking Sierra Leonean people are with him, and more importantly, God is with him. God continues to bless him and his administration. Thank you President Koroma for what you are doing, for our beloved Country.

Arolyn I. Koroma, Editor-in-chief, thebaiburehtimes. com.

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