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Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Koroma Purchased 100 Gallant Public Transportation Buses from China

April 24, 2015

Much light is being shed on the much talked about Ebola money. President Ernest Koroma has never been a boastful man. He is a man of deeds. He casually smiles and deep down his heart buried a cascade of prospective development for his country.No president is an island. Like most presidents, President Koroma is no exception. He is surrounded by the good, the bad, the evil and the ultra ugly. Presently, the evil doers had him encased in a box of controversies which occupied the political stage for better or for worse. His courageous thinking and devotion to his progressive agenda is unparallel to none other leader who had ever headed the Freetown State House.

The recent lampoon demonstrations against his handling of the Ebola funds have proved fruitless, rather it strengthen his presidency. Because he was given everything he came to ask for. The three countries Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone were hard hit by the Ebola Virus. None of the three countries was prepared or has a health care system that can handle the dreaded disease out brake. He continuously gainer respected from world leaders.

President Koroma’s critics had sped Sierra Leone, a 54 year old independent to America 239 years, which has been their yard-stick for the most part. But world leaders, including U.S. President Barak Obama knew the enemies of progress’ naivety. He gave respect where it is due i.e., the president who is faced with the onslaught of the ghost Ebola, which had taken 10,000 innocent lives and left about 25, 000 orphans, widows and widowers among the three countries..
The World Bank, the International Monetary funds (IMF) and other leading financial institutions donated approximately 1.6 billion dollars. Of which Sierra Leone might receive nearly U$500 million. The enemies of the State who do not want anything good for their country has miserably failed.
President Koroma is focused on his agenda for prosperity. His people admire him for his relentless outspokenness and positively selling his country’s image. And he refused to succumb to the mob hysteria.
While most Sierra Leoneans are doubtful of his handling of the donor funds, he quietly announced a tuition free schooling in Government schools. Where did they think the money came from? To further short down his critics, he showcased one hundred gallant Transportation Buses bought from the Republic of China. This honorable work exposed his ardent critics to being nothing but clowns, who jump the gun to satisfy their selfish ends.

The announcement of the purchases of the gallant buses to surf the new infrastructural development is only the beginning of progression developments before 2018. The purchase of the buses is not a function of the present atmosphere of demonstrations in April 2015. The investment on the buses to improve commerce and the populace mobility has been steadily on-going. This period present, yet another great future for the APC party, both at home and abroad Developments are a step by step process. Some people want them now ignoring the arduous path towards attainment. The present government had ventured where no other president had tried. They have tasted set-backs, but the president is still trying.

This period present, yet another great future for the APC Party, President Ernest Koroma’s legacy could be seen, felt, touched and use everywhere for the next 30 years after his exit from the political stage.

Arolyn I. Koroma, Author (3 Bks), and Editor-in-Chief.
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