Thursday, October 17, 2019

The APC Party Needs Political Leaders with Experience and Not Village Parrots

By Umaru Jalloh

June 15, 2019

Fellow Sierra Leoneans it is absolutely wrong to see some segment of our political community or political group outside the country or inside Sierra Leone trying to persuade young men and young women at home, to go out there in-great number and wage unnecessary violent demonstrations at home , while those who have enjoyed the fruits of the APC party hibernated underground from public eyes .
Sierra Leoneans have seen in their midst those who used to serve in the EBK administration are nowhere to be seen. They have chicken-out of the country, now living amongst us in the United States, and enjoying our past government stolen resources here in the Diaspora while the populace is suffering in Sierra Leone.
The former Ministesr
are nowhere to be seen with their family to help the poor APC supporters and its lost flocks at home. Those are the very fools APC supporters must target and wage a war against. They have destroyed the APC party and left it in ashes with no turning back.
Many of these former ministers and their families have abandoned the APC political party. They were the very ones that had the best of the APC fruits. These are the real cowards that created the mess our people at home are now going through.
As Sierra Leoneans, we must learn to be patriotic enough in saving the lives of every living Sierra Leonean at home, be it APC or SLPP, Mende or Temne. Virulence is not the answer. Our country, Sierra Leone must come first and not protecting a bunch of Political Thieves from either SLPP or APC who have nothing to do to help the ordinary Sierra Leonean or Mama Salone.
Those who are pushing poor people,
suffering Sierra Leoneans at home to go out on  the streets and sacrifice their precious lives, while the coward war mongers sit their butts in alien countries and refused to come home and protest with those poor and helpless Sierra Leoneans. The Wannabe politicians pushing naive teenagers alone is not enough.
The APC Party needs political leaders with experience, and not Village parrots. Where are our former ministers and supporters of APC? Nowhere to be seen or heard. My friends we must stop involving poor people who never ate or drank all that was taken away from the previous administration to get themselves innocently beaten up or killed, while those who had the best of APC sit by idly with their families somewhere else, having good time with their wealth. Now young men and women at home are in desperate need of medical treatment, and food, there is no one from the outside world ready to give a helping hand.
What happened with all those Thieves and sacred cows roaming around the globe? None is ready to help these people? I heard that Pa Yanssaneh, the only sole political town crier at home is asking the APC USA Branch to assist. Wow, Pa Yanssaneh forgot so soon what he said before the presidential elections. He categorically stated and declared that members of the APC USA Branch are not part of the APC party at home. He said all members of the APC Diaspora Branch are just mere Associates of the APC at home. Associate! The APC USA must stop being so naïve and act the fool all the time. This Branch must not be taken to be a secret Bank for the APC Secretariat at home. The APC USA must not give a cent to the APC Secretariat at home.
This Branch funds are not appreciated by the Secretariat and not properly used at home when issued. The former President alone has enough funds to assist the wounded APC members. Pa Yanssaneh is absolutely laughing at the APC USA. Our former ministers who reside abroad as political refuges must foot the bill in helping our APC foot soldiers.
The APC leaders at home and abroad are not broke, they are just selfish and greedy. They were the ones that created the “Boo Boo” and must be prepared to make a cleanup. Where is the love for the party and its supporters? Selfishness and greed will not take APC anywhere. Siaka Stevens and S.I. Koroma will be turning in their grave and wonder what is wrong with the present APC leadership.
When will APC see the light again? Nobody knows. Well the APC party needs an effective change or political uplifting. It needs it now or never. When? Time is of the essence my friends.
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