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The Kalokoh Movement’s Huge Gains in the U.S, and Success in Showcasing in London.

November 27, 2015

The Lawyer Abu Bakarr Sidique Kalokoh’s Movement has gathered momentum in Washington, DC and robustly made its way to the shores of the River Thames in London, and Ireland. His entourage included his wife Mrs. Kadiatu Kalokoh, his executives and Jacob Sax Conteh, journalist. Lawyer Abu Bakarr Sidique Kalokoh is a long time APC Party faithful. His party membership and loyalty began immediately after he completed High School studies in Sierra Leone. His long march to his present political interest was mapped since High school days.

He had always wanted to help his community as a way of giving back to his people. His interest grew and motivated him to choose the legal profession. Before moving to the United States where he currently practices Law. He taught law at the Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. Indeed, his pro-bono legal representation with his community fulfilled his philanthropic dreams.

He is a registered member of the vibrant Washington Metropolitan Chapter in Washington DC-USA, where he is active participant. His Kalokoh movement has participated in receiving President Ernest Koroma in all of his visits to the United States. In the aspirant’s first attempt out of his comfort zone to showcase his Kalokoh Movement abroad, he traveled to the United Kingdom. The unassuming, dependable and devoted APC party faithful, lawyer Abu Bakar Sidique Kalokoh was overwhelmed by his supporters in London during the weekend of November 19, 2015. The Washington Metropolitan Chapter member who is vying for the party flag bearership step his foot at the midpoint of the River Thames, in London. In London, the Kalokoh Movement found out that a man who is cordial will find hands stretch out to meet his, and so it was with the movement. The entourage was warmly welcomed at the River Life Center Hall in South London where the event took place. He was showered with love from APC party members in both England and Ireland.

The aspirant Mr. Abu Bakarr S. Kalokoh is a man of integrity, loyal and patriotic. The maverick politician, educator and lawyer’s leadership skills has been tested many times and proved capable of handling any political task. He has revealed measured qualities that uniquely qualify him to carry the party to the next level after President Dr. Ernest Koroma.

Lawyer Kalokoh is a modest individual and very thorough in his performance of his duties, a fine personality and a wonderful combination to compliment his political interest.
His visit to London was to polarize the Kalokoh Movement and inject international acceptance, strength and recognition of his political aspirations. His traveling provides Diaspora a window of opportunity to know about the man, the politician Lawyer Abu Bakarr Sidique Kalokoh.

In the United States, he has gained a significant support among Sierra Leoneans. The recognition is most appropriate in view of his many contributions to the Sierra Leone Community. But as modest and unassuming in character, he pointed out his successes to his family, his wife and his dynamic Movement’s executive’s team’s tenacious work during the past few months, he noted.

In his political speeches around the U.S. and abroad, he preached the successes of the current Freetown administration. He reaffirmed his steadfast, loyalty to the APC Party. He believed that President Ernest Bai Koroma’s mode of steering the ship is the correct process to build a successful democracy. From the infrastructure, Agriculture, Mining, and to improving the national transportation system. He said, it is up to us, our generation who are witnessing the positive steady progression of national developments. It is us who must see that this great party that we all love, for which our president has laid the foundation, perpetuates the good work begun by His Excellency Dr. Ernest Koroma’s administration.

Today, we are gathered here for a purpose. The purpose is to build a stronger Kalakoh Movement to continue the excellent work done by the current Freetown administration. To the Kalokoh Movement “Progress produces Progress.”
His London hosts and audience felt his sincerity and nobility won him their support and developed a genuine interest for his intentional run for the flaggbearership. His audience was encouraged and inspired by his presence, and his eloquent politically forthright speech. His speech which was embedded with a record of the president’s successes aroused the interest of many party members in London.

The movement will continue to carry on with vigor and effectiveness, as it will focus its energy on the 2018 General Election. He bided farewell to his host partners in London. The au revoir was only an indication with the hope that, it will not be a good-bye, but only a pause that the Kalokoh Movement shall return.

Arolyn I. Koroma, Editor-in-Chief (Published Author of 3 Books)

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