Thursday, June 20, 2019


By:Alimamy Issa Kamara aka (Alkay D’Prince)

If you watched the first ever presidential debate held in Sierra Leone, for even five minutes (or even just read the headlines the day after) you know that Dr. Samura Kamara nailed it — as we knew he would; because he is well grounded with the issues. He has been a devoted public servant, a passionate advocate for children, youth, women and girls, and a strong, experienced leader whom we can trust with the overwhelming responsibilities of the presidency. We need a leader with the temperament and the judgment to handle this role, someone with a lifelong commitment to serving this country — and I have no doubt that Dr. Samura Kamara is that leader. Dr. Samura Kamara show the world exactly how qualified he is for this job, and lay out all the reasons why we can’t let these desperate lying politicians near State House.

The likes of KKY, Maada Bio, Samsumana, MKM and Musa Tarawally had a very terrible performances — they even went on to agreed on everything (they were paraphrasing each other.) and as Dr. Samura Kamara put it, “They’re just making fake promises to the people.” (DEM JUST DAE MAKE FAKE PROMISES TO D PEOPLE). “All of them were living abroad, now they’ve arrived with their fake promises to the people.” (DEM ALL CEDOM NA OVRSEEES NOW DEM ALL DOM.KAM FOR KAM PROMISE D PEOPLE). And Dr. Samura Kamara went on to say that, “Some of these folks were talking like when they come to power everything will be easy”(some man dem dae Tok lek say wae den cam nar power for do tin e go b easy). But what’s troubling me is that these wannabe politicians who are seeking the presidency of Sierra Leone are making all kinds of lofty promises when they actually knows that within their right mind and conscience those promises aren’t achievable. Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad grew admiration for Dr. Samura Kamara to be honest with himself and his conscience by not making all kinds of lofty promises but believe when he assume the office of the presidency he will address some of the shortcomings and challenges we are facing as a nation.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from these last few months it’s that Maada Bio doesn’t know how to do simple arithmetic about his much trumpeted claims about Free education, let alone display it. Seeing him on that stage Thursday night, I didn’t know whether to laugh or look into building a fallout shelter — but there is no question that a man (like Julius Maada Bio) who looks, unprepared, and potentially unhinged should never be our Commander-in-Chief. It is baffling to hear him promoting his failed and failing businesses as proof of his economic savviness. And it is surreal to think that Julius Maada Bio is a legitimate candidate for the Presidency of Sierra Leone, especially if you watched him standing beside Dr. Samura Kamara last night. But he isn’t. Julius Maada Bio can never be our President.

It is insulting to have to listen to someone lie over and over and over again for two hours on that stage about his, credentials, and know-how. It is outrageous to watch a man interrupt and talk over his opponent in a debate. The man who couldn’t stop himself from interrupting his opponent and yet said his strongest assets were his temperament, intelligence and judgment (deceptive lying KKY). That same guy Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella at this moment has no chance of becoming the next President of Sierra Leone; he is a mere distraction in this elections.
I really hope Dr. Samura Kamara competent, coolheaded, and honestly impressive performance convinced anyone who was still on the fence that he was the only candidate on that stage who belongs anywhere near State House, because he has demonstrated that, he is the most honest, well prepared and most experienced amongst all the other candidates on that stage.

But as well meaning Sierra Leoneans, we just cannot take that for granted. We need to fight as hard as we can for the next 19 days to make sure we get Dr. Samura Kamara there. As meaningful Sierra Leoneans, let’s do whatever we can right now to help maintain this positive momentum on our side so we can cross the finish line strong on March 7th 2018; and send a loud message that as a nation we need honest and God fearing leader like Dr. Samura Kamara. I trust Dr. Samura Kamara to do this job well every single day, and to protect and build on the progress President Koroma have made together with the people of Sierra Leone these past 10 years — from creating jobs and providing free health care for pregnant women, lactating mothers and children Under-5 to combating corruption and making historic strides on infrastructural development, to good electricity supply and improved 4GLTE broadband service, to building more universities and giving more incentives to teachers and lecturers etc… Dr. Samura Kamara has to be our next president. But that will only happen if we roll up our sleeves and do everything we can between now and March to show our support for him. So don’t wait to offer yours:

Thursday February 15th 2018, (Salone decides2018) debate night was a night I will never forget — especially as we head to the polls this March. And I hope you won’t either.

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